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One Night Stan: Bakit Palpak Ang Pag-Move-On Mo

<em>FHM</em>'s Master Suplado teaches you the <em>suplado</em> ways of moving on
by Stanley Chi | Sep 1, 2013
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Are you at the losing end of a breakup? If so, you’re probably finding it hard to hide your sama ng loob. You’ve probably told your friends over and over about how unfairly you’ve been treated by your ex. You’ve probably tried to get the sympathy vote of complete strangers.

But don’t fool yourself. 
Chances are, your sob story is not one in a million. You just think it’s special because you haven’t moved on.

Reasons Why You’re Not Moving On 

Recovering from a failed relationship is hard, but maybe that’s because you’re not doing it right. Baka naman kasi palpak ang pag-move-on mo. Here are the most common reasons for someone who can’t quite achieve “closure.” Find out if your favorite alibi for your relationship hang-ups is in this list.

1. You’re still hoping against hope that you’ll get back together. Sorry, but that usually happens only in your favorite teleserye. Your ex has probably found someone new and is happy to be rid of you. (But if you suddenly win the Lotto jackpot, well… that might change things.) 

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                                                                             Walang ibang sisisihin kung hindi ikaw

2. You think it’s normal to take that long to recover. Yes, getting over an ex takes time. But if you’ve spent more than six months trying to forget all your precious memories, you’re not in recoveryyou’re in denial. Move on and get a life. Better yet, get a new girlfriend. 

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3. Your ego is bruisedand you want revenge. If you’re thinking that telling everyone about her bad breath or her black kili-kili is going to hurt her, you’re wrong. The only one who will end up embarrassed by your underhanded tactics is you. 

                                                              Never, ever listen to the evil puppet of revenge for advice

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4. You have a low self-esteem. You probably think no other woman on earth is ever going to accept your weird quirks. (It’s not like it’s their fault that you like picking your nose in public!)

5. You are so used to having her around. Your world revolved around her when you were still together. Now that she’s gone, you’re lost. Mag-iwan ka kasi para sa sarili mo, lalo na yung laman ng wallet.

Now that you know why you can’t move on effectively, it’s time you learned how to move on once and for all. Click on the next page.

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