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One Night Stan: T.A.E. Is Exactly What Your Girl Needs

Time. Affection. Effort. Remember those three words, and your relationship with your woman will never turn to sh*t
by Stanley Chi | Sep 14, 2013
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Does your girl get bored easily while hanging out with you? Perhaps you’re in a rut–baka kasi nanlalamig na ang relasyon ninyo. Is she always picking a fight? Are you? Whether it’s a misunderstanding, tantrum, or World War III, it’s time you take measures to bring back the passion to your relationship. Don’t wait for her to set her eyes on some other guy!

                                                    Some other guy? Like who? Like this cover boy!
Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend much to win back your girl’s affection. What a girl needs (more than your paycheck, believe it or not) is T.A.E.: Time, Attention, and Effort.

“Well, that’s easy!” you might say, but it’s harder than you think. For all you know, she might be thinking, “S.M.B.! (Style mo, bulok!)” So listen up, suplado-in-the-making, below we lay out the tenets of T.A.E.

How to Give Your Girl T.A.E.
If you’re serious about keeping your girl, you can’t rely on your manly instincts alone. Girls need so much more than our “caveman caring”; they need us to provide more than just food, clothing, and shelter.

A word of warning though: The suggestions below will not work on gold diggers. They don’t need your T.A.E.; they just need your money.

1) Be a good listener. To most men, “listening” involves staring blankly into space while waiting for the other person to finish. Sorry, dude, but your girl needs a little more interaction. And you need to listen carefully because if your girl asks you to repeat her last ten words and you can’t, she might eat you alive.

Learn to appreciate her verbally. Staring at her boobs does not qualify as “appreciation.” Manyak as it may sound, telling her she has the best cleavage in town just might work, at least in her eyes.
                                                                            Itabi mo muna ang mikropono mo!

2) You can also compliment her in front of her friends instead of when you’re alone together.
After all, girls love compliments, especially when given in public. (Tip: You know your flattery is working kung lumalaki ang butas ng ilong niya habang nagpapa-humble-effect siya.)

3) Spend quality time together.
Don’t let your definition of quality time be “watching basketball while you’re hanging out at her place." Prioritize quality over quantity. Bring her somewhere where you can show her your awesome self, such as a motel! Just make sure you do that without looking like a horny pervert.

4) Mag-effort ka naman.
Pay a surprise visit to her school or office, with matching food and flowers. Throw her a party when it’s her birthday. A chick goes kilig when you’re a man with a plan.

5) Be consistent.
Just because you’re officially together doesn’t mean you should stop doing all the things you did nung pumoporma ka pa. Woo her even when she has grey in her hair and she needs to start using a walker. (Note to girls: You should also be consistent! Don’t let yourself go. Keeping your FHM-worthy look through the years is a gift any FHM-reading man will appreciate.)

Those are the general rules. But if you’re absolutely clueless and you know nothing about women–don’t worry, you’re not alone–I’m more than happy to share with you what I would do if I were in your shoes. Click on the next page.

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