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One Night Stan: Newswomen We Want To See On FHM!

We force Master Suplado Stanley Chi to tune in to the news 24/7 for the noble goal of selecting the prettiest news ladies!
by Stanley Chi | Aug 23, 2014
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I’m sure you like watching the news, but do you do it because you’re so concerned about current events, or because you can’t wait to see the hot reporter? #Aminin

I’m also sure that, if you had your way, these news anchors and correspondents would have already appeared on FHM. Here’s some sad news: That’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. 

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize about it. That’s why I’m doing all of you manyaks out there a favor; I put together a list of nine female journalists who, if heaven does answer prayers, should one day grace the glossy pages of FHM.

Who knows? We might even see them strut their stuff down the catwalk in next year’s FHM 100 Sexiest. (I’m crossing my fingers.)

Consider this a wish list of sorts, one that just might make it to our beloved female journalists’ desks—and one they just might grant! 


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This news correspondent from TV5 was responsible for many hanging jaws in Taiwan after she covered the shoal conflict. Soon enough, even the Philippines started to notice, jokingly calling her a potential “secret weapon” in the shoal negotiations. And if we end up fighting with Taiwan over who should idolize her more, I won’t blame them.


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This Korean hottie can satisfy any K-pop fantasies you have lingering in your hearts. She’s also probably one of the reasons you like waking up early even if you’re a lazy ass, what with her hosting a morning show on TV5. 

If you don’t know who she is: Siya lang naman yung babaeng nang-friendzone kay PNoy.


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Even if you don’t know one end of a basketball from another, you’ll end up wanting to watch the latest hoops recap after seeing this Solar TV news anchor talk about sports.

Sad news, though: She is no longer available. She’s already engaged to be married–that’s why we should work double time to get her on FHM bago siya ikasal. (Urgently paging all FHM editors!)


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In an online survey I started on my Facebook page, many hope that this showbiz reporter from ABS-CBN could one day be seen entertaining FHM’s loyal readers. (After I took a look at her photos, I finally understood why. Putting her on this list definitely makes sense.)

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