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One Night Stan: Sigurado Ka Bang Gusto Mo Nang Mag-Asawa?

Our Master Suplado says you should think about it first. Hard!
by Stanley Chi | Jun 15, 2013
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You bachelors have it made. You don’t have to bust your ass trying to earn money for an entire family. You can spend all the time you want on your hobbies, such as browsing FHM during your "leisure time.” And how about those of you whose parents are filthy rich? You still enjoy all the aforementioned perks of single life, but with a monthly allowance from your folks. That is the life.

So why the hell are you giving marriage a thought?

one night stan stanley chi
And don't give me: "Because I think I can snag one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women." Of course you're free to fantasize about that, pero teka lang: Remember that the choice to get married should not be made in haste. Ang pag-aasawa, hindi parang kaning mainit na iluluwa mo na lang kapag napaso ka. In English: No return, no exchange!

Okay, maybe that’s not an exact translation, but you get the drift: Once you sign a marriage contract, giving your wife back to her parents, no matter how tempting, is out of the question.

Single, In A Relationship, or Married?

What exactly do you get when you’re single? How about when you have a girlfriend? And when you finally get married, what then? Here is my shortlist of pros and cons for every relationship statusfind out if you agree.

The perks of being single:

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  1. You’re not obligated to drive anyone home almost every day.
  2. You don’t have to sell your kidney to buy an expensive gift for an important “monthsary.”
  3. You have extra cash to spend on toys, comics, and gadgets. Bachelors get an extended childhood!
  4. You can go out on gimiks with your barkada without being reprimanded for coming home late.
  5. And the best part? You can get a fling anytime!

However, being single also comes with disadvantages:

  1. By the time you reach 40, every other bachelor like you is either a Mama’s boy, a nerd, or a certified weirdo.
  2. People will think you’re either too ugly or too horrible a person. Time to look in the mirror, dude…are you sure these aren’t the reasons you’re still single up to now?
  3. Chicks will think you’re irresponsible. Can you blame them? You haven’t settled down and you’ve got very few obligations in life despite being old enough to have a bald spot.
  4. People will think you’re gay. (Disclaimer: This is a disadvantage only if you’re not gay…or if you’re gay but you don’t want to admit it.)
  5. Your parents will pester you to look for a wife. And then there’s the one question that make your balls jump back up into your abdomen: “Kailan mo kami bibigyan ng apo?

NEXT: Plus points if you have a pang-FHM girlfriend!

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