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One Night Stan: Suplado Vs. Torpe

Know the difference, score a chick
by Stanley Chi | Mar 4, 2013
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Reasons to Love Stanley Chi One Night Stan

What do Barney Stinson, James Bond, and Bruce Wayne have in common? They’re all douchebags—but every man still wants to be like them. Even in this day and age when chauvinists are most likely to be burned at the stake, it’s undeniable that many jerks get away with douchebaggery, especially if they use it to intrigue the opposite sex.

But why do women find jackasses hard to resist? Are they really bad boys, or are they just good boys playing suplado?

According to my in-depth analysis, it’s the latter.

Studies show that women want their men mysterious and unsmiling – in other words, suplado is the new sexy. I learned that the hard way, having endured many sleepless nights as an awkward pubescent boy trying to understand why I always ended up in the friend zone. But things changed after I transformed from an introverted torpe into a reformed, brand-spanking-new suplado.

Torpe vs. Suplado
But is there a difference between a torpe and a suplado? Both shun women with equal fervor, so why does the suplado always end up with the hot chick while the torpe watches helplessly in the corner?
If you can’t seem to find the words around a girl you really like, chances are, you are torpe and you can’t help it. With women being as intuitive as they are, they can smell your insecurity. Every torpe has an unshakeable fear – and you have to admit, cowardice is not sexy.

Girls like men with balls. They like men who look confident, even around beautiful women. And a suplado who seems to be immune to a girl’s charms instantly becomes a mystery, one that every woman wants to solve.

Being torpe is forgivable but rather unfortunate. Being too nice to the woman of your dreams won’t get you noticed because every other man is already doing the exact same thing. (That is, unless you’re Marc Nelson or George Clooney. Life is unfair that way.)

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