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One Night Stan: The 10 People You Meet at the 100 Sexiest Victory Party

FHM'sMaster Suplado roams the debaucherous grounds of the 100 Sexiest Victory Party and documents the types of manimals present at the event
by Stanley Chi | Jul 12, 2013
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To be honest, I’m still recovering from the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party last Wednesday. After all, I’m just a man. And if you missed it, I would like to extend to you my sincerest condolences. Oh well, you can always look at the photos and the replay video poor you. But I’m telling you, nothing beats seeing those babes in person.

If you’re probably wondering why I’m still reeling from the babe overdose, let the photo below be my explanation:

Now, imagine all that up close. Imagine a hundred of them walking past you, turning this way and that, showing you all their curves. Yes, they want you to stare. They want you to drool. They smile at you as if to say, “Go ahead, it’s okay to look.”

Ayan, gets mo na ba?

When my editors handed me the tickets that night, I was beside myself with joy. The most coveted ticket of the year was in my hands! (I also realized that my editors and I had a lot in common: Although we both look pogi in pictures, mas pogi kami in person!)

(Editor's note: Stanley, you may now claim the money we promised you in exchange for calling us pogi in your column. You're welcome.)

5 Types of Men At The FHM 100 Sexiest
Other than pogi guys like us, there were other types of men (and women!) who went to the FHM 100 Sexiest. Let me start with the not-so-gentlemen.

1. Guys with cameras

Name every type of camera you can think of. Phone cameras, tablet cameras, digital cameras, DSLRs–I saw them all blocking my view while the ladies in bikinis and nipple stickers strut their stuff on the runway. At FHM 100 Sexiest, where women bare as much skin as they can without breaking the law, everybody becomes a photographer.

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                                        We don't usually blame random butts around here, but in this case,
                                        we're totally blaming butts, because butts are awesome

2. Fanboys

You’ve heard of loyal fans. But at the FHM 100 Sexiest Party, you also meet obsessed admirers. And yes, there are also the stalkers. But if they have to go against their temporary restraining orders, it might as well be at this event. The jail sentence is, needless to say, totally worth it.

                                                                     Bilanggoooo sa rehas ng pagibig mo...

3. Men without tickets

Airplanes aren’t the only ones with chance passengers. Many people wandered along the entrance of the World Trade Center, waiting for an absentee guest whose companions are willing to share the spare ticket.

Fun fact: On the spot, I gave away one extra ticket from Rogin-E to a fan who called out to me and said, “Idol!”

                                      Yes, good things come to those who follow me and read my column

4. Men in a relationship with overconfident women

No woman with serious insecurities will ever unleash her husband or boyfriend into a hall of hot chicks wearing close to nothing. Only the guys lucky enough to bag girls with a healthy dose of self-confidence will be given permission to attend FHM 100 Sexiest.

However, these men are often escorted by their women. Oh, well. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

         But at least we all had a dose of this all-girl rock band, General Luna. Thank you General Luna!

5. Lucky bastards tasked with documenting the babe fest

You’ve got reporters, bloggers, and writers (like me!). Now, we’re the lucky ones. We were actually asked to attend the event–and we get paid in the process!

(Editor's note: Hey Stanley, you said you'd do it for free. Text us, let's talk.)

                              And last but not the least, you also have guys who were too excited
                               to dance with sexy ladies that they forgot to take their helmets off.

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Photos by Mark Jesalva, Ryan Ong, Tammy David

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