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Study Identifies When It's Okay To Openly Fart In A Relationship

Another age-old question has been answered
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 29, 2016
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Scenario: You're watching a movie with your new girlfriend at home when you suddenly feel the urge to let "one" go. What do you do? Do you hold it until it's gone or do you just let the rotten smell leak out?

Global news site Mic conducted a survey to find out what the best thing to do is. They asked 125 individuals, aged 20 to 30, when it's okay to openly fart in the presence of a significant other.

Around 29 percent of the respondents, the survey's biggest chunk, said it takes about two to six months before they feel comfortable doing it. Close behind were the 25.2 percent of people who said they waited for six to 12 months before they became openly gassy.

Check out the chart below for more details:

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Mic also asked the respondents: "At what point in your relationship do you feel it's acceptable to fart?"

Majority of respondents (33.3 percent) said that once they were sleeping at each other's places regularly then it's time to end the fantasy that they are perfect human beings. Meanwhile 18.6 percent said they would only fart once they hear their other half fart.

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Clinical therapist Robert Huizenga counters this logic by writing on her blog: "Farting in front of your significant other means you feel free to move beyond your roles. You may even find yourselves discussing family roles and expectations that you bring to each other. You need not carry the burden of continually being prim and proper."

With that in mind, it seems that one of the participants said it best when she asserted: "I generally feel if you can't fart with someone you can't be real with them."


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