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'Does My Penis Size Still Matter?'

In case you needed reminding that bigger doesn’t mean better
by Cheekie Albay | Sep 21, 2017
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Penis anxiety is a real thing, with men all over the world sold on the belief that the bigger the dick, the better the lover, and the smaller the dick…sorry. But apparently, men care about size more than the women they seek to wow with their wieners do.

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A 2007 review which studied loads of international research into penile size dating from as far back as 1942 found that 85 percent of women were satisfied with their partner’s size, compared to only 55 percent of men who were content with their equipment.

Furthermore, a 2016 study conducted by dating website EliteSingles on 490,000 users has shown that the top three qualities women look for in a partner are kindness, emotional connection, and moral values—beating out any sexual qualities—so you can bet women are not just writing men off because their dicks didn’t measure up to the 9-inch mark.

To back this up, we asked 14 Pinays to spill what they care more about in a partner than the size of his junk. From other sexual preferences that take priority to personality traits they pay more mind to, their answers will prove to you that women aren’t just dying for a giant dong to fill them up. And maybe help you—and junior, or whatever silly nickname it’s unfortunately been given—rest easy tonight.

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It’s not what you have, but what you do with it that matters.

“It’s not about the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean. I’ve experienced guys with varying sizes and I think size doesn’t matter unless it’s abnormally tiny. I’ve had guys on the smaller scale who gave me a better time than guys on the bigger scale. Performance matters more.” – Yuna, 23

“Performance goes a long way! For a moody girl like me, having a partner who is full of surprises in the sack is worth staying with more than a guy who only has a big dick to speak of.” – Moira, 30

Length may be what men get hung up on, but girth is the real pleaser.

“To me, girth is more important than length, which is what men normally refer to when they talk about size. Even if he’s super perfect but his schlong is shaped like a pencil, what are you going to do then? And besides, majority of women can’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone—it’s often combined with clitoral stimulation—so we don’t really need for it to be THAT long.” – Carmela, 32

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If you’re a generous lover, you’re already a winner.

“I care more about how unselfish a man is in bed. I wouldn’t enjoy sex with someone—no matter the size of his schlong—if he only cares about his own pleasure!” – Ye Eun, 28

“If he can give good orgasms, then he’s a keeper! Seriously, a lot of guys are so self-centered in bed, they only care about getting their fill. So if your guy—big dick or not—makes you happy in bed, then you’re lucky.” – Ivy, 30


A big pototoy means zilch if you don’t have the personality to match it.

“He has to have personality, which is a major turn-on—much more than the size he’s got going on down there. He has to have passion, individuality, integrity, and can stand by his own views and principles without getting easily swayed by other people.” – Wildheart, 33

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A great sense of humor gets you more points than a great dong does.

“For me, sense of humor is very important because humor and laughter rejuvenate my day, for a moment lets me forget about everything else, restores my friendship with my partner (very important!), and generally makes my life easier. My partner right now is funny as fuck; we even like the same brand of dark, sarcastic humor and witty quips and my, I feel so lucky. Life has never been better. We laugh at things which are silly, we get to laugh despite problems, and we get to approach life with bright-eyed wonder and fresh perspectives.” – Karla, 28

“Honestly, I’d rather have a guy with an average-sized dick who can laugh about the sweaty grossness of sex (because it IS gross sometimes!) than a guy with a large dick who has no sense of humor. Also, a sense of humor can actually help spice things up in the sack!” – Nina, 22

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Being dependable and maabilidad—especially around the house—carries more weight than the schlong you’re heaving.

“Size doesn’t really matter to me but being able to do household chores does! I’d really love for him to be able to do chores around the house like cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry because I can’t do any of those things to save my life, and I find men who can incredibly attractive.” – Celine, 24

A long schlong is immaterial if you’re only going to be sticking it in other women while you’re with her.

“Loyalty is something I care about more than how well-endowed a man is. The biggest dick I’ve ever had belonged on a guy who just cheated on me, and the next above-average-dicked boyfriends that followed proceeded to cheat on me, too. Maybe better-endowed men feel more confident about getting women, which makes them more likely to cheat? I don’t know. But now, I’d rather be with a guy who was average down there—maybe even a little below average—who would never cheat on me.” – Trixie, 33

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She pays more attention to how you treat other people than to how much meat you’re packing.

“I care more about how much he loves and respects his family. Especially if you’re looking for someone to settle down with, how he treats his family will give you a glimpse of how he will be as a partner and dad to your kids.” – Odes, 32

“Respect for women is one thing I care about more than the size of his peen! A big penis is useless if he doesn’t know how to treat me well.” – Mara, 26

“I care more about whether or not he has respect for human rights. No matter how big he is, if he doesn’t know the value of a human life or thinks Marcos is a hero, turn-off pa rin.” – Angelica, 28

Lastly, she just wants everything to work down there—that’s not too much to ask for, right?

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“I simply want a guy’s junk to be functional. I once dated a guy who had a big dick, but he just could not keep it hard. The life would leave his schlong mid-bang. It was pretty disappointing. I always had to finish quickly before he got limp, and that was a lot of pressure to put on a girl who just wanted to enjoy the sex.” – Peachy, 29

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