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Park Life

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by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 30, 2012
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When we were still in high school, my boyfriend and I would walk from school to a park in Quezon City when classes were over and stayed there until 9 in the evening. We always sat on our favorite bench, talked over things, and always ended in intimate moments when it got dark.

One evening, while walking in the park, we passed by a dark and deserted area and there we decided to have a quickie. We kissed torridly behind the tree as he unbuttoned my school blouse. We got too busy that we didn't notice there were two security guards roving in the area. They caught us and brought us to their office. They took our school IDs and told us they would contact our parents. We negotiated with them by giving P500 in exchange for our release. Luckily, they agreed and we got away. We never returned again to that park. Every time we remember that day, we just laugh to ourselves.
Blessybunny26, by email

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