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How To Become The Best Instagram Boyfriend, According To Paolo Contis

The comedian shows you how it’s done
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 1, 2018
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It’s hard to up your game as an Instagram boyfriend, especially if you’re not fond of using the photo-sharing app in the first place. But you know what, posting a picture of your partner or a couple selfie (with matching cheesy caption) actually feels fulfilling (and rewarding!) at times. Come to think of it—an Instagram-appreciation post is the fastest, easiest, and heck, even the cheapest (it’s for freakin’ free!) way to show your lady how proud you are that you have her in your life. It’s an instant way to show validation and devotion—two acts that belong in the list of a woman’s primary love needs.

Now, if you need some tips, let Paolo Contis and his trending Instagram game show you how it’s done. Remember, you’re not simply doing this for the likes, you’re doing this because you want to make her genuinely happy.

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Don’t forget to use the app during special occasions

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your anniversary, her birthday, or any other holidays—make the moment more special by actually writing a sweet note for everyone to see.

..or better yet, just use it whenever you can

Again, Instagram is free, and you should treat it as an ally in showcasing how much you appreciate your girlfriend. Capture those moments, no matter how random. 


Take (and upload) pictures of her

You don’t need superb photography skills to be able to capture your lady’s beautiful smile. So go ahead, ask her to pose, click that button, and trust, she’ll appreciate the gesture much more than the actual picture (even if it's blurry AF). You'll make her feel like she’s the loveliest woman on the planet with just a snap.

But of course, be goofy once in a while

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Don’t let her wacky poses and your unflattering shots go to waste! Make her laugh by posting funny or candid pictures of her or you two once in a while. A sense of humor is always a turn-on.

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