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11 Perks Of Dating A Girl Who's Really, Really Into Movies

The best things about having a girl who's also a legitimate movie buddy!
by Anton D. Umali | Sep 22, 2015
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Going to the movies is a tried-and-tested way of spending time with your honey. It's the kind of date that can be labeled as a "classic" because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy some silver screen entertainment anyway? Well, some girls don't—especially if the movie in question involves explosions, hand-to-hand combat, and/or robots.

But imagine what it would be like to have a girlfriend who is a movie junkie just as much as you are. You could take her to the latest action flicks, superhero franchises, and horror scare fests—no questions asked. Plus, you get to hold hands in the dark!

That's really just one of the perks of dating a lady who's a cineaste at heart, though.  Here are 10 more...

You get to eat all the popcorn you want!

Not to mention all kinds of hotdogs, nachos, and soda. Theater "noms" are the best, especially if you’re kind of stoned and in the throes of a food trip.

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You can discuss movies at length without fear of boring her to death.

You two can talk about character arcs, cinematography, and bad casting without having to feel like a pretentious douchebag. Make the discussion heated. Challenge her ideas. Allow her to rip yours apart. It will just make ripping each other’s clothes away a hell of a lot of fun later. 

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Her personal collection will most likely be impressive.

Hey, she's got Blu-Ray and HD copies of Back to the Future, the original Star Wars trilogy, and all of Nolan’s Batman films. Score! Now hide that nerd-boner, quick!

4)   She'll even download movies for you!

Just imagine the amount of bandwidth you get to save!

Dark theaters are the perfect location for mid-screening shenanigans.

The trick: look for an obscure cinema showing an even more obscure indie flick so you have the place to yourselves. Bring a jacket to camouflage your on-top-of-the-clothes heavy petting. No one in sight? Commence the make-out sesh!  

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You can take her on an all-expense paid all-day movie marathon at home, and she'll be happy.

Who says she only likes watching movies in the theater? Put on your PJs, order some pizza, relax on the couch, and SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.

No more sleepless nights trying to remember that actress who starred in this movie with a title that escapes your memory.

"Babe, sino ulit yun? Ah, oo nga pala, galing mo talaga! <3 you! :p "

You two can recite your favorite quotes in unison and piss off everyone else in the process.  

On cue: "Luke, I am your father!" *sabay kilig*

Re-imagining bed scenes could be your new kink between the sheets.

Just try not to go all Fifty Shades of Grey on her…unless, of course, that's what she wants.

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10)   Then your pillow talk could be all about geeking out.

Wouldn't it be sweet if you could lull yourselves to sleep post-coitus while talking about the latest release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how it compares to that of DC? That cuddle session will feel like you're climaxing all over again!

11)   You'll always have someone to go to the movies with.

And, in the end, isn’t that what we all just really want, anyway?

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