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This Is Why Your Pets Are The Best Dating Wingman

FYI: Your furry friends can help you land a friend with benefits
by Shayne Abello | Sep 23, 2017
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A dog may be man’s best friend, but can it also be his best wingman?

Nowadays, social media is rife with videos and memes featuring people’s pets, and it’s practically impossible to go through one’s feed without stumbling on a cutesy animal post. And if you spend any time on dating sites or apps (cough, *Tinder*, cough), you might notice that even they are not exempt from puppy love. In fact, many guys go as far as using photos of their pets as their main profile image in the belief that the fairer sex share a universal fondness for adorable animals and are more likely to swipe right if they see them (instead of your dopey face).

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To see if this is true, we decided to go around and ask some folks whether pets add to a guy’s pogi powers or are major turn-offs:

“Pets make a man super attractive! Especially if he has a dog. It shows he's responsible since he has to feed his pet, walk it, take it to the vet, clean up after it, etc. Also, guys with dogs are bombbbbbb.” - Mars, 26

“For me, well it really depends on what kind of pet he has. If they’re dogs and other amiable animals and he's passionate about them, then it's a plus for me. But if they're exotic animals like reptiles—uhm... no thanks. But I make exceptions to angry snakes! ” - Nath, 23

“They're attractive because you can see how they take care of others through how they take care of their pets. Then you figure this translates to a stronger connection with the community and their loved ones. In general, pets also make guys seem friendlier.” - Ken Jai, 23

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"Di sya necessarily attractive for me, pero di naman siya turn-off. Gusto ko lang kasi talaga na ako lang yung pet niya." - Erika, 25

“A guy with little fury pets is cute. It shows that he’s a caring and loving person. But I think I’d prefer a guy with a more exciting imagination—one who can have exotic pets. For me, that shows raw passion and a desire to explore unchartered territories. Hopefully, an energy like that translates into other areas of his life!” - Andy, 24

“For me, it's immaterial if he owns a pet or not as long as he likes animals in general. A man who has a problem with animals is a HUGE turn off.” - Mystikah, 22

So it seems, pets—or at least, a generally decent attitude towards animals—can only help a guy out. No wonder there are so many popular IG profiles about men with pets. (Check out Hot Dudes With Pets and Hot Dudes With Dogs and behold the eye-opening and envy-worthy follower counts).

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Beyond adding plus points to your attractiveness index though, owning pets can be rewarding in other ways. Not only do you learn a lot and grow as a person when taking care of another living, breathing thing, it can affect other aspects of your life, too. Such as the romance department.


Don’t believe us? Here’s what a couple of pet-owning guys shared with us when we asked if their little furry friends impacted their love lives:

Does having a pet make it easier or harder for you to start and/or maintain relationships?

“I’ve got a sugar glider. Di siya high maintenance so she hasn’t really impacted anything. But interesting siya—pang-conversation starter/ice-breaker. Honestly, I’d like to have a dog talaga. My girlfriend and I really want to have a pet dog and treat it like it’s our baby.” - Marco, 23, in a relationship

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“My fiancée gifted me a dog (Franco, a labrador-rottweiler mix) six years ago. He made our relationship more interesting. It was like a sneak peek into the world of parenting. Having a dog forces you to become more responsible.” - Enzo, 28, engaged

“I think I got major plus points with my then-girlfriend when she found out that I have pets and love animals. Fast forward to now—she ended up marrying me! She loves my cat and all our doggies. I love her doggies, too. We can bond over our pets, and I think that adds a positive little something to our relationship.” - Enrico, 32, married

“I have a cat named Ash. I’ve had her for years—since grade school. When this girl I was getting serious with told me she hated cats and thought they were annoying, I knew I had to nip that relationship in the bud. I don’t think I could be with someone who actively disliked something I loved.” - Jasper, 19, single

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Does being a pet-owner make you a better romantic partner?

“Not necessarily. But if you think about it, there are some similarities. Like, you are in service of your furry friend, just like you should be in service of your partner.” - Enrico

“Being a responsible pet owner means having to spend on something outside of yourself. Having a living thing dependent on you for survival teaches responsibility. And for a woman to see you capable of tender and loving care often results in you appearing more trustworthy to her.” - Daniel, 26, in a relationship

“Yes, I guess. My fiancée and I bond better because of our dog. Sometimes whenever we argue, our pet tries to 'reconcile' us by giving us the puppy dog eyes.” - Enzo

“I like to think so. Since getting a dog, I’ve been forced to be more adventurous, spontaneous, and easy-going—necessary traits if you’ve got a hyperactive puppy! And I think this really pushed me to be more outgoing with my girlfriend and how I approached our relationship. Mas masaya din mga dates namin now that we’ve started taking my dog along, too!” - Matthew, 29, in a relationship

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“Even if your partner's pets don't like you, still try to show them love. And if your pets don't like your partner, just explain it to her and say that it can always be worked out.” - Enrico

“Going dog walking together is a great date idea if the dogs are of the right disposition.” - Ruperto, 25

There you have it, gentlemen: damn good reasons to consider getting a pet yourself. Just remember that it’s a big responsibility, and that you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you’re only getting a pet to strengthen your pogi powers—don’t. But, if you’ve always secretly wanted your own furry little friend (and if you’re physically, emotionally, and not to mention, financially, ready for pet-owning), and just needed that last push, take your cues from these proud pet owners. You won’t regret it!



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