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One Night Stan: 5 Reasons Posing Nude Is Actually Good For Us

In reaction to that PBB "nude painting" controversy, our Master Suplado tells us that yes, there may be benefits to nudity, just not in reality shows
by Stanley Chi | Jun 15, 2014
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I used to think that rapists were the only ones who couldn’t understand it when someone says, “Ayokong maghubad.” However, Kuya of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) proved me wrong. If you watch the news, you probably know what I’m talking about.

In a recent episode, PBB’s disembodied TV voice, belonging to someone we fondly call Kuya, asked a hesitant female housemate to pose nude for a painting. The whole take-your-clothes-off request was intended as a challenge (um, LOL) that contestants had to endure to win the reality TV contest.

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The result wasn't quite Kate Winslet in Titanic:

As an FHM aficionado, you probably appreciate the many photos of scantily-clad ladies here. But comparing the nudity on FHM’s website to that of PBB’s controversial episode is like comparing amabangong dalanghita with a bulok na ponkan.

You see, unlike the teary-eyed girl on PBB, who eventually said yes despite her original hesitation, our FHM superstars gave us their wholehearted consent. Read: No tears were shed in the making of our magazines.

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Politically-incorrect and definitely-denigrating reality TV aside, here are my naughty-but-nice reasons why posing naked can also do wonders!

1) Posing naked promotes self-acceptance

Girls, I know you probably hate that you have bilbil or that your right utong is as big as a vintage P1 coin. But ask any guy you know and they will tell you one thing: WHO CARES? You’re yummy anyway.

Taking your clothes off (willingly, of course–that can’t be emphasized enough) for the sake of art might take away your insecurities. That’s why I personally don’t mind stripping down to almost nothing for my FHM column, kahit na alam kong katawan lang ang habol sa akin ng mga babae.

2) Female nudity makes slaves of us men

Ladies, if we start offering you our MRT seats (and our souls) after you post a painting of your semi-naked glory on Facebook, don’t be surprised. We tend to act that way when we’re in the company of future FHM cover girls.

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You know, very much like this cartoon wolf:

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