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5 Lady-Pleasing Secrets You Can Learn From Pinoy Rom-Coms

These flicks have redefined the ‘ladies’ man’
by Pong Castillo | Apr 1, 2016
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Romantic-comedy movies have always been big and ubiquitous. Ask anyone what their favorite movie is and they'll surely something award-winning to sound cool. But their ultimate favorite—as in, the one they watch a million times—will always be a rom-com. Easily digestible plot. Kilig-inducing scenes. Surefire laugh-fest dialogues. What's not to love?

We don’t mean to take other movie genres lightly, but let’s take a moment to take into account the many benefits rom-coms have blessed our (dating) life with.

Gone are the days that we take cues from the classic showbiz bad boy, or the knight-in shining-armor bida we've pegged our life onto. Now we take after the real guy in many an Antoinette Jadaone-directed movie, while our girl takes pointers from Jennylyn Mercado's characters. Rom-coms are relatable because they tackle mundane issues with humanity. They're funny because they're true. They're romantic because leading secretly cheesy lives really makes us tick. To hell with everyone else. You’re taking cues from a feel-good flick's plot after all.

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And even if our so-called true romance turns out to be a bust, rom-coms are there to lift our spirit up. Take it from Will Smith in Hitch: “I’m a guy. Since when do I get anything right for the first time?” But, just to be clear, it's better if we get these things right the first time around...

It’s okay to be her BGF (Best Guy Friend)

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As seen in: Always Be My Maybe (2016)

At least early on in the relationship. The perks of being her BGF stretch from knowing her quirks to sleeping BESIDE her nang walang malisya (with full disclosure with her folks). The challenge here is to not fall into the friendzone pit. If that happens, promise us you will take the high road and walk away from this complicated setup.

Make the most out of the situation

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As seen in: That Thing Called Tadhana (2015)

We don’t mean you take advantage of her, but if you’re a broken-hearted dude, stop sulking and go find yourself good company. Seek comfort. Find a shoulder to cry on. That’s the only way you can mend a broken heart. Remember: Ang gamot sa nagdurugong puso ay ang umibig muli. Naks!


Sometimes revenge brings good things

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As seen in: English Only, Please (2014)

In making your ex’s life a living hell, you find yourself caught in your own trap. You fall for the girl-bait you set yourself up with, but with a stroke of luck, you find that she’s more than just that—she may very well be your next lover. Tiwala, beh!

Look beyond your league

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As seen in: Everything About Her (2015)

There’s a reason you’re still single even after dating almost every girl in your circle. Find someone whose personality complements yours—even if that means she’s the total opposite of your definition of an ideal girlfriend.

Give it a second shot

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As seen in: Walang Forever (2015)

Don’t go running to your social media account when things go rough between you and your girl. That perpetual vacuum won’t allow you to take back anything you drop about your on-and-off lover. As the old adage goes: Wag magsalita nang tapos.




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