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Post-Sexy Time Rituals: How To Keep Her Going

Because it doesn't have to end when you've spilled it all...
by Cara Maia Tanlimco | Dec 9, 2013
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Hold your horses, cowboy! Making her sing your name doesn’t mean playtime is over. Kick your lovemaking up a notch with these after-sex moves. Why? Because it means a lot to women, and it also scores you a gate pass to the next love match! Now who wouldn't want that, right?


Women fake it. You believe it. So instead of rolling over to your side of the bed and calling it a night, push her clitoris a bit more. If she evades your post-coital caresses, then you’ve done your job; if not, carry on. Most women reach orgasm more during post-play than during vaginal penetration. Do it!

Let the chart below tell you more:

how to keep her going


how to keep her going
According to Perry Bathous and Clarissa Flanders, authors of Swell-Wimp: Sexual Exercise as a Means of Reducing and Controlling Weight, while men return to pre-arousal state after orgasm, women tend to move back to pre-orgasmic plateau, then slow down to pre-arousal state.

So instead of giving in to your prolactin hormones and shut down completely, ride her oxytocin levels, otherwise known as the “cuddling” hormone, to “cool down” slowly (yes, sex is really a form of exercise), prevent cramping (and possible heart attacks!), and initiate that intimate “pair bonding” your woman craves.


Having small pillow talk after sex makes your woman feel that it’s not just sex that you’re after. Below, the right things to say...

how to keep her going
In short:
Do that again next time. You’re not only reassuring her that she’s got skills under the sheets, but you’re
also coaching her on how to satisfy you the next time around.

how to keep her going

In short: You’re great in bed! Hey, women get performance anxiety too, just like you. Praising her makes her
much more confident for future trysts. You know you’ll benefit from it.

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how to keep her going

In short: Even if your smudged-up makeup sort of makes you look like The Joker, you still look hot. Intercourse
can cause a woman to feel vulnerable and exposed,” says Josey Vogels, author of Bedside Manners, so shower her with praises aimed at specific body parts.

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From FHM's December 2013 issue
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