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Priest witnesses earthly love

| Dec 1, 2005
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Me and my boyfriend made it a point to explore each other because we were both in a relationship for the first time. The first three months together was unknown to my folks; we would actually meet at the neighborhood chapel playground. We would hang out there with friends until midnight. One time we met up our friends weren’t around, we stayed anyway. As we talked, I could feel his hands groping for my breasts under my shirt. I felt so hot then that I immediately gave him my first blowjob. He groped for my pussy and gave me a good fingering. I was enjoying it so much when we heard an “ahem” near us. It was our chapel priest! “Mga bata, gabi na hindi ito lover’s lane…at ang mga zipper..uwi na kayo and GOD bless you both,” the priest told us.

Come Sunday, mass was held. Get this: the priest actually included what he witnessed in his sermon. He asked the churchgoers, “I wonder if you know these teens I caught in the playground.” My aunt who had attended the mass asked me and my sister. Of course I pleaded innocent! Now my boyfriend and I do it in our clubhouse. It really excites me doing it in different places!

QTBABE, by email

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