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Reach out your hand and touch me!

One hot FX trip to remember!
| Sep 29, 2007
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Sitting in the middle part of a cramped FX going home one late night, I suddenly felt an elbow touch my left breast. I looked beside me and found that it was a guy—and the guy was very cute. The touch electrified me. I pretended to breathe deeply to arch my chest. He must have felt it because, slowly after, I could sense his fingers going over my blouse, tenderly touching my nipple. It was my first time to experience such a scandalous situation, but it was so good. Though reluctant, I gave in. I caressed his inner thigh until I reached his crotch. His dick was hard and thick that I thought I became wet just then. Thanks to our big bags, we were able to do the groping underneath. He managed to slide his hand under my blouse and lead my hand to unzip his pants.

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