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ICYMI: There's A Real-Life Vagina Behind The World's Best-Selling Fake Vagina
Meet the model who came face to face with a factory full of replicas of her unmentionables.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 23, 2015
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Just in case you missed it, a video featuring the "inspiration" behind the world's best-selling men's sex toy, Fleshlight, is currently making the rounds on social networks.

The toy (some call it a man-dildo) is essentially a flashlight but with a fake, plastic vagina taking the place of the lightbulb. And apparently, there's a real-life vagina from which the sex toy was modeled after; as opposed to, you know, the makers just conjuring one from their imagination.

In the video below, the inspiration behind the toy is revealed: Eufrat Mai, a 29-year-old adult film actress/model from the Czech Republic. She was invited by crowdsourced reporting channel, Metropolis, to take a tour of the Fleshlight factory in Seville, Spain, where they make thousands of replicas of her thang, designed for the pleasure of lonely men the world over. There, she meets the factory manager along with some of the people who do hands-on work on her model vagina.

You will also love the way she pronounces vagina:

Video via VPRO Metropolis

We love how everything seemed so normal in a factory that by most standards would be considered as a devil's lair. In another clip though, we also found out that Eufrat Mai is just one of the many porn stars after whom the Fleshlight is modeled, although Mai is one of the rare ones who actually got to see hers in such overwhelming quantities.

Since we're on the topic already, watch this clip here where they mention other Fleshlight models including Riley Steele and Tera Patrick (don't pretend not to know them now!):

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