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REAL TALK: 11 Things Other Than Sex That Women Count As Cheating

Maintaining a dating app is a form of unfaithfulness
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 2, 2017
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Having sexy time with someone else behind your partner's back isn't the only form of cheating.

Unfaithfulness can stem from petty stuff like deleting text messages, keeping dating apps like Tinder, and lying about meeting up with someone.

You don't want to upset your beloved girlfriend, do you? Take it from these women, who cited several habits that you should avoid doing at all costs:

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“Deleting text messages or DMs (direct messages) on social media so your partner won’t see it. You know that when she does, it will start a fight, and you can’t afford that kind of stress. But hiding something from your girl is already cheating.” —Ana, 25

“It’s all about the intent. If you have feelings for someone else and still spend an inordinate amount of time with them, then it’s cheating.” —Nika, 28

“A lap dance from a stripper or a random woman in a bar. Allowing the opposite sex to rub her genitals on yours and getting sexual pleasure out of it is a form of cheating. It’s easy to say no.” —Aira, 24

“If you have to lie about meeting up with someone else then you’ve crossed the line. There are exceptions to this but that’s the general rule.” —Jessica, 27


“I think the first realm of cheating would be going on those live video chat porn websites. Regular porn is fine, but when you actually converse with somebody and watch them do shit, that’s a no-no.” —Charmaine, 30

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“Crushing on someone is completely normal. But making an effort to get her number, liking all her photos on social media, and constantly talking about her is questionable.” —Lyn, 23

“Talking to your ex behind your partner’s back is unacceptable. An ex is an ex for a reason. If you have no children together, there’s no reason to stay in contact.” —Karla, 29

“Whatever his reason may be, getting a happy ending massage is definitely cheating. It’s just stupid. It’s gross, expensive, and unforgivable, plus, I can do it for him.” —Ara, 26

“Saying you’re single when you’re not. Denying your relationship status means that you have bad intentions.” —Gema, 23

“Sexting is a form of cheating because you are still getting it on with someone else, only in a digital sense. If you are faithful and love your girlfriend, you shouldn’t feel the need to message somebody in a lustful manner or send them dick pics.” —Karen, 31

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“Being active on dating apps is inappropriate when you’re already with someone. It’s giving you access to flirting, which, as you know it, is cheating.” —Shara, 21


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