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REAL TALK: 12 Women Reveal The Sex Positions They Actually Hate

'I don't appreciate knees over the head. It always feels like a diaper change'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 21, 2016
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A survey conducted by international men's magazine Men's Health revealed the sex positions women dislike the most.

With the help of Women's Health, 1,200 women were asked to share the five sex positions that just don't work for them.

Doggy style landed the top spot, followed by woman on top, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and 69.

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We know you are as curious as we are to know why. In the latest edition of Real Talk, we reached out to 12 ladies aged 20 to 35 and asked them: "What's your least favorite sex position?"

Below are their responses:


"Missionary is all right, but only one position for your whole session sucks. You've got to switch it around." —Daphne, 26

"My least favorite sex position is missionary because it's too common. I mean, where's the fun in that?" —Marrgaret, 23

Woman on top

"I hate it when he asks me to go on top. Just tired of doing all the work. It must be nice to just lay there while someone pleasures you." —Bea, 25

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"Love on top is the worst thing a guy could ever as for. I think it's unfair that I have to be all sweaty and tired while he's just enjoying and making demands." —May, 27


Doggy style

"I feel like you have to have perfectly matching leg lengths for it. I'm 4'11" and my boyfriend is a six footer. I always have to tip toe while he has to bend his knees all the while." —Belle,21

"I can't bear it. I panic about my bum looking massive and my boobs and belly hanging down. It cannot be attractive." —Andrea,25

Legs over shoulders

"I don't appreciate knees over the head. It always feels like a diaper change." —Charlotte, 30

Sex against the wall

"Up against the wall with him holding all my weight. Love it in theory, but even the strongest guy can't hold a 100+ pound girl while thrusting for very long. I always tend to worry that he might suddenly drop me." —Julie, 28

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"I think walling is inconvenient. Whenever his penis is removed, he has to put me down to insert it again. This is the tiring cycle until he gets off." —Tanya, 23

Sex position with no eye contact

"Not a big fan of doggy style and reverse cowgirl. Eye contact is a massive thing for me." —Jen, 32

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"Reverse cowgirl. I want to see his facial expressions so I can go as faster and feel satisfied." —Des, 29

"Any position you can't have eye contact with your partner. Eye contact is very important to me and I want to see how he enjoys the sex." —Angelica, 35 


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