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REAL TALK: 5 Tips To Boost Your Sex Life If Your Partner Has PCOS

Step 1: Make her feel comfortable
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 21, 2017
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One in five women is affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In case you haven't heard, it is the leading cause of infertility among the opposite sex today.

A study published in the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine adds that women with PCOS have a relatively lower sex drive. The researchers noted that sexual issues go hand in hand, and they're likely the result of women developing body issues that come with the syndrome. This means, putting your girlfriend (or wife) in the mood for some sexy time can be a bit of a challenge.  

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But fear not, gents! This doesn't mean that your sex life will be forever boring. We asked five women who were diagnosed with the syndrome for some certifited tips to help your parnter get in the mood.

"My libido dropped when I started taking pills (which is necessary to treat PCOS). The best thing I can suggest is be willing and happy to accept other forms of satisfaction and pleasure. In addition, don't try to make your girl feel guilty when she declines to have sex. Expectations and pressure don't help. Getting sad and disappointed if you can't have the real thing is not helpful either. Don't entirely stop asking for sex, but try reducing the frequency." —Rowena,28

"Sex can be painful for some women with PCOS so avoid rough sex. It feels like a burning sensation inside and it's nasty. Take it slow and be gentle. Talk about the sex positions that she's comfortable with beforehand. She'd surely appreciate if you listen to her." —Carla,26

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"My libido is pretty insane. Sometimes I am ridiculously horny, but there are also days when I am not interested in having sex at all. It's hard. I think medication plays a role. I'm on a combination of pills and Metformin. What I've realized about myself is that I need actual stimulation to become aroused. Sex will be farthest thing from my mind until he actually starts touching me and kissing me." —Nikki,24

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"My partner never makes me feel bad about not wanting to have sex. Also, when we are together (currently long distance) we've more or less got a bit of a schedule as to when sex happens, and that helps me because often I need to prepare myself mentally. He also gives me massages, which always help put me in the mood. We make sure to have an open conversation about how often we have sex so that if someone feels like it's not often enough or too often, we can talk about it." —Rizza,31

"Make her feel attractive all the time. Most women who suffer from PCOS have low self-confidence. Giving her compliments and reminding her how much you love her can go a long way." —Mica,27

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