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REAL TALK: 7 Women Reveal Why They Are Attracted To Bad Boys

No more Mr. Nice Guy!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 28, 2017
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It's a question as old as time: Why do women like bad boys?

A study published on Scientific American found that people with unpleasant traits have more partners over their entire lifetime.

Dr. Fernando Gutierez, one of the researchers, says women may be attracted to bad boys because these men are so genetically sound that they can survive their own bad decisions.

"While they are selfish, rule-breaking, imprudent, and rebellious, they are also brave, temerarious, independent, and self-reliant—and they live frantic, galvanizing lives," he explains.

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Despite the explanation, there's still a need for a more satisfying and practical answer. So we decided to go straight to the women and ask them to enlighten us about why bad boys always get the girl. 

Below are their responses:

"One of the things about the 'nice guy' is that he is trying too hard. It seems like he's just putting up a false front. The jerk appears to be more real. Any woman would rather be with someone who will not hide the fact that he is bad for her than the phony that tries to hide it."—Ana,24

"Confidence is attractive even if it borders on arrogance. So the guy who will have no hesitation to swoop in and kiss you is more appealing as opposed to the 'nice guy' you're sitting on a couch with for hours who won't make a move. I also find myself attracted to people who don't really care about what others think of them. Bad boys often have this quality."—Cheska,27

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"Girls are attracted to bad boys because they look tough. Therefore, they assume that tough looking guys are capable of protecting their partners."—Joselle,28

"Simply put bad boys know how to have fun and women want to have some thrill in their lives."—Belle,25

"When I was younger I wanted to push and find the limits of my relationships. Bad boys will quarrel with you. Nice guys will let you win or (if they're smart) dump you. No fun in that."—Jane,26

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"I'm attracted to guys who have some life experience under their belt and have tried a lot of different things even if that includes mistakes. But the guy who's only done what everyone has expected of him, who's never questioned or defied conventions—that's kinda boring."—Desiree,29

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"I don't think women are genuinely attracted to the bad boy. I believe they are attracted to the confidence and nonchalant attitude that frequently accompanies bad boy behavior."—Mica,30

"Every woman, deep down, has the urge to tame or fix a bad boy. It feels like a fulfillment to change someone because of love."—Abby,29

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