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REAL TALK: Do Women Check Out Your Bulge?

Spoiler: Most of the gals admitted that they do
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 5, 2016
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One of the most viewed hidden-camera social experiments reveals that women like checking out men's packages as much as we love to gaze at their curves. Produced by BarryBeePranks, the video "Women Are Pervs Too—Crotch Cam Ssocial Experiment" has nearly 20 million views, as of writing:

However, some people doubt the result because the actor was obviously sporting a huge, fake bulge which could probably be the main reason women can't help but stare.

In the latest edition of Real Talk, we summoned up the courage to ask 10 ladies if they, indeed, check out a guy's bulge. See how each of them responded:

"I do, but it's just a really, really quick glance, sort of like what I see guys doing with my chest. To be honest, I'm more likely to do it with guys wearing super tight jeans because I'm wondering where it went." Abigail, 23

"I don't actively seek out hard-ons, but if kapansin-pansin ang bulge and it's all up in my peripheral vision then yes, I can't help looking." Karen, 25

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"I do, pero hindi naman sadya. Mapapatingin ka kasi talaga. I think it's just the same when guys can't help but check out a curvaceous woman they've came across with." Trina, 28

"I like to see the whole picture first by making a quick head to toe. Then I check if there is a nice bulge. I don't really know why I do it but it's so satisfying to the eyes." Linda, 21

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"I totally look. I even peek at folks I probably don't want to really see like teachers, colleagues, friends' dad. If there is a bulge, I will notice." Anna, 22

"Yes kasi gusto kong malaman kung tama yung prediction ko ng size niya based sa physical features and I want to know if hard siya at the moment. But I don't check every guy I see. Pinipili ko naman kung kanino ako tumitingin. Pag hindi ko type, why bother looking at the bulge?" Tanya, 25


"Only when I find the guy hot or attractive.  When I don’t find a guy appealing then I don't even think about looking in that direction." KC, 20

"Yes, I do enjoying checking out men's bulge. Sometimes I even point it out to my friends and we'll giggle to ourselves. We also have this habit of zooming in photos of guys wearing skinny jeans to see if they've got good package." Tesa, 27

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"Yes. I can't help it. My eyes just go there. I can remember when I was caught by my high school teacher staring down there. It was really awkward but I can’t blame myself because I was at eye-level with his crotch." Liza, 29

"I do. Usually when they're wearing too tight pants or white shorts. Well, if a guy's attractive, it's hard not to check if he's got the whole package." Marnelli, 21

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