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REAL TALK: Do Women Even Care About Virginity?

The responses might surprise you
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 11, 2016
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A poll carried out by online international magazine Time found that 51 percent of Americans think that couples should save sex until marriage. The result is quite surprising given the liberal opinions about  premarital sex in the United States.

With this statistic in mind, we decided to go straight to our source (women) and ask them if it matters if the man they're dating is a virgin. Given that the Philippines is a (somewhat) conservative country, we were expecting a hard, resounding yes from most, but our results show otherwise.

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Check out their responses below:

"It matters a lot to me. I was born and raised as a Catholic, that's why I believe sex is a sacred act. A man could resist giving in to the temptation if he respects his soon-to-be wife."—Shara, 26

"I'm saving my virginity until marriage because I've been told that it's the best gift I could ever give my husband. There's no way I'd marry a guy who has seen this special gift so many times."—Leni, 28

"I think it's very important to reserve your virginity and wait for the woman you'll marry before engaging in sex. Purity specifies what kind of man you are to the woman you'll walk down the aisle."—Daphne, 19

"It would be better if I'm his first. In any case, I won't get crazy about whether he's no longer a virgin, because it doesn't necessarily have to be a deciding factor in choosing the man I'm going to marry."—Jaimie, 23

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"I think men with no experience have the tendency to lose their interest and try to look for more sexual partners after some time. Moreover, who wants to be in bed with a beginner and turn the supposedly pleasurable experience into a weird form of sexual training? I'd rather be his last than his first."—Celine, 24

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"I think most Pinays prefer marrying a virgin. For me, it wouldn't really matter. I think it's even more fun to be with a guy who knows how to do wild things in the bedroom."—Trisha, 25


"No. It doesn't matter if he lost his virginity early as long as sa akin lang niya papasok habang kami. Ha ha! Most importantly, he truly loves me."—Nikki, 22

"I don't think it matters if he's a virgin when we start dating, but I can't imagine getting married without knowing for sure we're sexually compatible."—Shayne, 23

"No. I wouldn't expect the man I'm going to marry to be a virgin. I think if something as shallow as virginity is an issue for engaged couples, then they shouldn't get married."—Kimberly, 30

"No. What matters is he doesn't have an STD or a child out of wedlock I don't know about."—Maika, 27

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"I think it's a big deal when you're not on the same playing field (like if the guy is not a virgin and the girl is). The girl might be weirded out by the knowledge that the guy had sex with someone else, and it can be a deal-breaker early in the relationship. But if you're both virgins or both experienced, I think it wouldn't be a big deal."—Ginyn, 24

"Nope, not at all. I know men have to fulfill their needs. It doesn't affect  how I see him as a person, as long as he's a good and responsible man."—Ilona, 31

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