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REAL TALK: Women Choose Between Length Or Girth

'Wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 24, 2016
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Even if your partner doesn't confess it, the truth is that when it comes to the penis size, majority of females prefer a more impressive manhood. Of course, everyone wants to experience the best, so you really can't blame your lady for that one.

But then again, the phrase "impressive manhood" must be defined first. What do the ladies consider a glorious penis? Some women want it short yet thick, while others go for long despite thin.

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Honestly, it's subjective which confuses men. Don't fret, though. For today's REAL TALK, we finally got the courage to ask the ladies that proverbial question: Does length or girth matter?

“I prefer girth because it feels tighter inside compared to a thin pecker. If the guy's gigil about me, then that's an added turn on.” —Diane, 28

“Girth. Mahaba nga pero di naman niya alam gamitin, wala rin. Wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian yan.” —Jenny, 22

“Length is more important. Kasi para pwede iba-ibang position, di kami mahihirapan.” —Jane, 31

“Girth. Para may maximum stimulation during intercourse. Tapos may mas sensation during penetration.” —Madison, 28

“Girth. Kapag mahaba kasi tapos payat, walang effect eh.”  —Trixie, 27

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“I prefer length to girth. Girth can cause soreness very easily, whereas length is very targeted. A girth-y penis can also be really difficult to get in.” —Nicole, 28

“Girth. Doesn't matter how long it is if all I can feel is the poke as it hits the end of the tunnel.” —Mika, 32

“If I had to choose one or the other, I'd go with length. No matter how fat your penis is, if you can't get up inside her, what's the point?” —Marie, 27


"It's all about girth. Length is for aesthetics only; when you're actually having sex, the girth is what makes it more pleasurable.” —KC, 29

“Short and thick does the trick. Long and thin goes too far in.” —Jessica, 28

“A thick dick makes the vagina feel full and hits the right spots. Long, thin ones, on the other hand, don't really even feel like they're in there. It's nice to feel full.” —Toni, 30

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