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REAL TALK: Seven Sizzling Sexting Tips From Real Women

Drop that 'What are you wearing tonight?' line
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 15, 2016
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A study conducted by the researchers at Drexel University found out that majority of men and women are sending NSFW texts aka sexts.

In a survey conducted with 870 individuals aged 18 to 82, 90 percent admitted that they have sexted at least once in their life and 82 percent confessed they had done so in the past year.

Researchers claim that sexting—whether with people in committed relationship or casual hook-ups—could lead to a more satisfying sex life.

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However, sending naughty SMSes or snaps aren't so easy. It's a hit-or-miss affair and unless your girl is entirely game, sexting can be a very dangerous proposition to tread into.

So in this edition of Real Talk, we asked six women to share with us sexting tips that work for them. Check out their responses below:

"Make comments about things you'd do that are intimate, but not necessarily sexual and see how she responds. If she responds positively, send dirtier text messages and flirt even more. If you think she doesn't feel comfortable when you start talking about kissing her neck, back up, lighten the mood with some humor, then try again in a little while."—Arra, 25

"Basically, you got to bring up the topic of sex using indirect means such as 'WTF! Just caught a couple having sex in the parking lot.' or 'The couple beside our apartment are so loud whenever they're going at it.' It should be pretty easy from there."—Liezel, 28


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"Take advantage of double meaning words. Make and take jokes the wrong way. Accuse her of being a pervert. You can only really get explicit once she's really turned on."—Mica, 24

"The worst thing you could probably do is to send an unsolicited dick pic. For us women, it feels more disgusting to see a close-up picture of a penis rather than sexy. Likewise, don't ask her to send you a photo of her private area. She'd voluntarily do that if she's turned-on."—Lea, 26

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"Tell your girlfriend how much you enjoyed the last time you were intimate. Let her know the things you plan to do the next time you see her. The naughtier, the more specific, the better!"—Kathy, 30

"If you don't know the girl that much, it's important to make her feel comfortable and assure her you're trustworthy. If you think she's already at ease around you, you can send her hints of your true intention. Make it light. Don't send dick pics too soon."—Joy, 23

"The opening line: 'What are you wearing tonight?' is so old. It might no longer work for some. Be more creative with opening lines. This will make or break your chance to sext with a woman."—Diane, 27


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