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REAL TALK: How Do Women Feel When Men Turn Them Down For Sex

ICYMI: Women are also human beings with sexual needs
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 3, 2017
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A study conducted by fertility app Kindara found that women like sex as much as men do.

The researchers surveyed 500 female participants and discovered that a whopping 75 percent said they'd like to fool around in some capacity more than three times a week while 13 percent wanted to have sex more than six times a week.

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On another other note, over 53.2 percent said they weren't satisfied with how much they currently get laid. With this statistic in mind, we decided to go straight to our source (women) and ask them how they really feel whenever their partners deny them an opportunity for sex.

Below are their responses:

"It hurts my feelings pretty bad. If he's exhausted or sick, then there should be no problem. But if he just wants to lie around and play with his smartphone, it cuts pretty deep." —Ina, 24

"Think back to when you were last rejected. What was your reaction? Whatever it was, that's probably how bad we feel whenever you turn us down for sex." —Ria, 28

"In our two years of living under one roof, I've only been rejected twice. He usually tells me he's tired from work so I just try to understand that it's not happening tonight. If we haven't had sex that night though, I must admit that if I don't get it in the morning I'm cranky all day." —Jen, 28

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"If my husband says he's tired, I'm okay with it. But if he only says 'no' without any explanation then I become furious and paranoid." —Gretchen, 29


"My reaction to rejection will depend on how desperate and hungry I am for sex at this particular moment, how much I actually expect to be accepted, and how suitable the situation is. My reaction can range from 'Okay, no problem' to 'It's the end of the world. I hate everything!' To sum things up: a rejected person will feel like a rejected person can. It makes no difference whether a rejected person is a man or a woman, and whether they are rejected over sex, or a job, or a birthday invitation, it can hurt." —Rowena, 31

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"When my partner turned me down for the first time, I was so upset. Understandably, he was tired, but I've never been turned down before so it shocked me. I could not sleep thinking what was wrong with me. But over time, I realized that turning down is actually much better than him jumping in between the sheets only to fail me." —Tin, 33

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"I'm okay with being turned down sometimes. I feel like it's unrealistic to expect my partner to always be in the mood. Sex wouldn't be enjoyable if I knew he was really tired, stressed, not feeling well, or just not in the mood for whatever reason and was feeling pressured to get into it. We can do it another time when we're both ready to enjoy it." —Sam, 27

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