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REAL TALK: What Do Women Think Of Dating A Single Dad?

"I would date a father no matter how old his child is. It would totally be a turn-off, however, if the dad doesn't support the child"
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 7, 2017
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What do Jericho Rosales, Jake Ejercito, and Dennis Trillo have in common aside from good looks and successful careers? They are all single fathers, who hardly miss out on the dating and relationship departments.

Of course, life could be a totally different story for the out-of-the-spotlight, regular single dads. Some women are still hesitant to get involved with a man who has "extra baggage."

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The hesitation is understandable as we found out in the latest edition of Real Talk. We asked ten women of different ages if they'd ever consider dating a single dad? As expected, a lot of women are still not open to this possibility.

Find out why:

"I'm hesitant to date a single father because I would eventually have to fill a parental role assuming things become serious and I'm not sure I'd be devoted to look after someone who is not really related to me." —Dianne,26

"Not dating single dads because 1) I don't want to be thinking about his kid. 2) I don't want to struggle winning the kid over. 3) I want my partner to be mine and mine only. It's just too much to deal with." —Pam,24

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"I don't think that the children complicate the issue. I like kids a lot. The real issue here is his ex. No matter what the custody agreement is like, you just can never know how the mother will react. Plus, I don't ever want to deal with the ex." — Jane,29

"Dating a single dad is like joining a battle to win his attention. I don't think I'll be able to handle that well because I'm clingy." — Trina,23

"I enjoy the company of children, and have thought about getting married and having kids since I was young. However, on that note, I would rather have my own kids (genetically) than raise someone else's." —Rochelle, 28


"I would date a father no matter how old his child is. It would totally be a turn-off, however, if the dad doesn't support the child." —Leslie, 27

"I got pregnant at 16 that's why I consider dating single dads. I feel they can relate to me better and are in the same stage of life I am in." —Michelle,32

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"I don't see any problem with dating a single dad. Most probably he is looking for a long term, stable relationship and someone that is mature enough to handle that kind of commitment. A relationship with him would be 'safer'. He would be much less likely to cheat or dump me for no reason, and more likely to look at me in a positive light over time." —Jen,25

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"I'd find it a little relieving because they've already gotten to do the whole reproduction thing. I love kids but I don't want to birth any." —Sam,28

"Being a single dad does not make me look at them any differently, actually possibly in a more loving way. A responsible man is an attractive one." —Marjorie,24

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