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REAL TALK: What Women Talk About When They Talk About Sex

Yup, they discuss your performance!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 7, 2017
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“He raped my face. I’m never seeing him again!” Those were the exact words of Charlotte in the television series Sex and the City. Remember that show? She was telling her friends how bad her date was the other night, and believe it or not, these kinds of convos happen more often than not.

When a group of girls get together, they share stories, and sometimes they do talk about their sex lives! Locker room talk is not exclusive to men, gents. 

We asked a few women to share with us what exactly they talk about when they chit-chat about sex with their gal pals. And trust us, they did not disappoint!

“We talk about our sex life not because we like to brag about our performance or how fantastic last night was. We usually share ideas and techniques so we could be better partners.” —Shara,28

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“My friends and I talk about sex all the time. It’s pretty much the only thing we discuss when we’re drunk, particularly if one of us has a new boyfriend. Our discussion is very similar to the conversation of the girls in Sex and the City.” —Nica,26

“Women talk about sex, but not in the same way men do. We discuss a man’s manners, explain whether or not he was good in bed or. There is no sharing of specific details to respect our partner’s privacy.” —Joy,31


“I don’t usually talk about anything kinky because the last thing I need my friends wondering is why the pregnant lady is all bruised.” —Lea,25

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“Back in high school, we never talked about our personal experiences, but rather the subject of sex itself. But now that we are young adults, we are more open and sometimes our conversation can be very detailed and funny, too. We share embarrassing things and sometimes compare our partner’s performances. We think of it more as a sharing and learning experience.” —Ariel,27

“I tell every little detail to my best friend, like the position, if he was big or small, and if it was good or not. With other girls who I’m not so close with, I only tell them ‘I’m no longer a virgin.' No details though.” —Lorraine,23

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“I have had discreet conversations of the ‘We're not having sex and I’m not sure what’s wrong’ variety one-on-one with my married girl friends. Those conversations can be very helpful for everyone. It's nice to know that everyone goes through dry spells and also get recommendations. It makes us feel less stressed and more normal. This is a conversation I would only have with really, really close friends.” —Mikka,28

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