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REAL TALK: Women Reveal 5 Habits That Make You Suck In Bed

If you could remember someone from your past that went missing after the seemingly perfect, steamy night—bad news, you definitely did something wrong
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 6, 2016
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No matter how many times you got laid, or how confident you appeared when you're in bed, there’s always this question that bothers you every now and then: “Am I good when it comes to sex?” Even if you make a woman moan, orgasm even, you still have this little doubt in your head if she’s just faking everything or not. If you could remember someone from your past who went missing after the seemingly perfect, steamy night—bad news, you definitely did something wrong.

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To give you an idea what turns her off, we asked real women, to confess what made the sex suck—and what made her not go back.

1) You're lazy

“Ayoko nung mga lalakeng tamad, most of the time, nakahiga lang sila. Tamad na nga sila sa foreplay, pati sa sex mismo tamad pa rin sila. Ako lang ang gumagawa.” —Amanda, 27

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“Honestly, if your package is not that impressive, then you can’t afford to be lazy. I don’t like doing all the work. Bawiin mo naman sa performance. ” —Jasmine, 25

2) You don't ask for her opinion

“If you don’t consider what I want, for example, you do not even negotiate about protection, nakaka-turn off yun. Ano yun, puro na lang ikaw?” —Ann, 26

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“When after nung sex I feel sore all over. Kasi naman di man lang niya ko tinanong kung ano ba gusto ko; hump kaagad ng hump. Sometimes, we like it slower and sweeter.” —Angela, 24


3) You don't listen

Yung gusto niya ng blowjob, eh ayaw ko. Then ihaharap na lang basta basta yung junk niya sa mukha mo.” —Xandra, 28

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“When binigyan mo nga ng constructive criticism, tapos feeling niya, you were trying to offend him. I just want to make the sex work for both of us. Wag muna pairalin ang ego.” —Maria, 29

4) You moan louder than her

”I don’t like it when he makes all these unnecessary sounds—or worse, when he moans louder than I do. It feels so…staged. At nakakawala ng concentration, nakakabasag pa ng mood.” —Brigette, 27

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"Grabe yung ang lakas lakas ng boses, sigaw ng sigaw, parang nasa porn. Di ko alam kung sarap na sarap ba talaga siya, o O.A. lang siya." —Jen, 26

5) You don't focus on her pleasure

“Biggest turn off? Yung pag tapos na siya, tatayo na lang siya bigla. I haven’t reached orgasm tapos wala na siyang pake sa’kin kasi okay na siya. Wow.” —Kim, 27

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"Basically what makes a guy terrible in bed is inconsideration. It’s not about the looks, not even the size (well, most of the time). If he makes me feel na sariling sarap lang niya iniisip niya, well, he sucks.” —Patricia, 25

“If he doesn't think of his partner's pleasure and wants, then he's sure as heck going to be terrible in bed. Whereas, kahit average looking Joe could be awesome in bed if he puts his partner's pleasure as a priority.” —Diane, 28


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