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REAL TALK: 7 Women Reveal How They Feel When Giving Oral

'It feels like eating a popsicle. It's just as hard and as fun to play with.'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 20, 2016
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A study published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality explains that women go down on their partners more often than men do.

Around 30 percent of women said they enjoy giving blow jobs despite the fact that they don't receive anything in return. Fifty-two percent says it's because the intimate act is "super hot", while others say it's a "very pleasurable" experience. Now, that got us asking: what do women really feel when they perform oral sex?

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Once again we went straight to the source (women) to quiz them about just that.  

See their detailed responses below:

"I'm someone who absolutely loves giving oral, but I'm not sure how to describe it aside from the obvious—it feels like a mouthful. It's really the surrounding circumstances that make it so awesome such as the sounds he makes and his reactions." —Ria, 22

"I love the feel of a guy growing hard in my mouth and I admit it is a great feeling knowing I am responsible for getting him hard. I associate the feeling with power and control." — Mikka, 26

"It is a very sensual experience. It is more than the feel of it in your mouth. It is the scent of the guy, the moans he makes, and of course the sight of an erect penis. I tend to lose myself in my work down there." — Shara, 27


"It feels like eating a popsicle. It's just as hard and as fun to play with." —Nica, 21

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"It can be a lot of work. Consider a small mouth + penis + time = tired jaw, probable gagging, potential teeth scraping. It takes so much effort." —Paula, 29

"I always have a bad gag reflex and I feel self-conscious about the whole thing. I'm always having a hard time focusin on trying not to vomit on my partner's penis." —Lea, 28

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"It feels like eating jelly tounge ice cream when it's flaccid. It feels rewarding as it gets harder and bigger inside my mouth. It's like: 'Oh I did a great job!'" —Ena, 24

"I quickly lose interest. It just seems so stupid putting a man's privates in my mouth. Really, that much work for something that tastes like a rotten cucumber?" —Cheska, 28

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