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REAL TALK: 7 Women Reveal How They Want Men To Go Down There

Man, we've got some wild people down here
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 12, 2016
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You won't fulfill a woman during oral sex no matter long you spend licking her vagina.  

According to a study published in Psychology Today, about 75 percent of female population needs to have their clitoris touched to hit the climax.

Gynecologist Dr. Pari agrees and says in an article written for Elite Daily: "The easiest way for a woman to achieve an orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. If you are not sure where [her] clitoris is, please have your physician point it out to you, and then take the time to get to know it." The doctor recommends unleashing your creativity so you and your partner can experience maximum arousal.

"Whether it comes from oral or manual stimulation from a partner, masturbation or the use of sex toys, find a way. If you want to explore together, even better," she said.

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This brings us to the latest edition of Real Talk. We reached out to seven real women aged 18 to 30 years old and asked them this: "How do you want men to give you cunnilingus?"

Read their helpful tips below:

"Start by kissing the thighs and legs up and down. Get close but don't touch the vagina yet. Tease her until she can't stand it. Then when she begs for it, eat the lips one by one. When she tells you she feels like she's already cumming, play with her clitoris. Be fast, but not so fast because you might end up hurting her." —Lara, 22

"Using the hands is just as important as using the mouth. While you're busy eating her, don't forget to play with her nipples or clitoris. She'll surely get turned on in no time." —Joyce, 19


"Do combos. While going down on her, give her some good ol' "digital" stimulation. Push it in. You can add a second finger...but guys, please ask before doing so. And make sure you've clipped your nails. Baka instead na maturn-on si girlfriend, masaktan lang siya and mawala sa mood." —Gayle, 25

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"Just like other relationship situations, don't hesitate to ask and learn to listen. Ask your girl how she wants to be pleased, how she wants you to move—because it's going to be different for each girl. Listen to what she has to say. Take mental notes, and be sensitive to how she responds as you learn on the job—learn the difference between an 'okay lang' moan vs. an 'OMFG! That's amazing, don't stop' one." —Janine, 23

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"Say something while you're down there. You don't necessarily need to dirty talk. She will feel more comfortable and sexy when you compliment the smell of her vagina or hear you say how much you're enjoying." —Heart, 29

"Don't just suddently go down. Warm us up. Start by kissing her neck. Go on by licking her ears then undressing her. Carry her to the bed and kiss the other parts of her body while you gently grasp her thighs or waist. If you see her rolling her eyes, lick her vagina. Play with it using your tongue; don't just stick it in. Put her hand down to your penis and moan a lot so that she can see that you're getting turned on too." —Kristine, 27

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"Don't get in contact with her vagina or clitoris as soon as she drops her panty. Make her feel like you are giving attention to everything except that part. Wait until she asks you to rub her down there or she pushes your head or hand there. Pero huwag mo pagbibigyan agad para mas mabitin siya and mas maging wild siya. Tell her 'patience' in a deep, sensual voice, with a naughty smile. Then go back with what you are doing." —Paula 30


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