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REAL TALK: 8 Women Reveal How They Want Their Partners To Initiate Sex

'It always works when my partner comes up to me, grabs the back of my neck, and starts kissing me...'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 19, 2016
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In movies, women always seduce their significant others in their sexiest lingerie. It's a totally different story IRL, though.  

Before you get laid, you need to figure out a way to tell your girl that you want to get down and dirty. It's not easy to make a smooth transition from binge-watching The Walking Dead to going all Glenn and Maggie (especially if you're updated), after all.

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In the latest episode of REAL TALK, we asked eight women how they want the sensual act of intercourse to be initiated. Some divulged that a simple massage could go far, while others confess the benefits of having a more romantic approach.

Check out their detailed responses below:

"Dirty text messages work for me. I really get turned on when he sends an SMS telling me how he wants to caress me. It feels like he's warning me that there's going to be a super hot night ahead."—Leizl, 23

"I love when he rolls over to face me, then starts kissing and rubbing my body, especially when we're watching something and I'm lying on my back. On his side, facing me, he starts teasing me by running his hands all over my body and thighs...and you know where else."—Paula, 26

"I like it when he plays with my hair a little bit, brushes it aside, and starts kissing my neck and shoulders. That usually leads to nice places."—Catherine, 27

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"It always works when my partner comes up to me, grabs the back of my neck, and starts kissing me."—Laura, 29

"My husband takes off all his clothes and lies in bed, naked with hands behind his head, which is both hilariously charming and genuinely hot. It works every time."—Shine, 33

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"Women respond to gushy emotional stuff, so be the sweetest. Remind her how pretty she looks, that you are so happy to have her, and that you love her. Total turn-on."—Janna, 30

"I really like it when he gives me a massage on my back then starts running his hands up and down my body, slowly drawing circles with his fingers. I like it when he touches the top of my thighs, but intentionally avoids all my hot spots."—Belle, 21

"I've always dreamt of having sex in a candle-lit room, like what I always see in movies. It's just so romantic. If a guy puts in the effort to prepare that, I'll surely reward him."—Jane, 22


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