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REAL TALK: 9 Women Reveal What They Think Of Saliva As Lubricant

Spit and slide!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 8, 2016
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While keeping over the counter lube handy is a great idea, there's a better, more natural option: saliva. 

Dr. Iris Orbuch, a gynecological surgeon in New York City, told Cosmopolitan in an interview that using saliva as lubrication is safe.

"The only time I would say don't use saliva is if your partner has an infection or is sick or has an oral herpes lesion (meaning a cold sore)," she says. "In general, if your partner has frequent oral cold sores, I'd probably shy away from using spit." 

Doctors may approve, but does your woman? What do real ladies think of men who use spit as a lubricant for sexual intercourse? Let's find out!

"I don't mind it at all. I actually use it as a lube when I give my boyfriend a hand job. It's better than being dry." —Lorraine, 24

"As long as he brushed his teeth or he's not bagong gising, there shouldn't be any problems. My partner and I actually tried oil and soap before, and I developed rashes around my private area." —Ena, 28

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"I'm okay with it. I actually think it's better than any oil that can leave you with a greasy feeling. Also, I think it's just another sign of intimacy, like kissing, where you actually exchange saliva." —Shara, 26


"If you don't know how to make your woman wet, it might mean you're not arousing her enough. Be creative. If all else fails, I would say that's the only time to use your saliva." —Joy, 31

"I'd say saliva doesn't need to be involved unless you are giving oral." —Ariel, 27

"Personally, I don't like the idea of slathering saliva on my vagina. If you ever wish to do it on a woman, ask first. You'd lose nothing if you ask for permission." —Lovely, 30

"I'm totally disgusted by it. I never, ever want a guy to spit on me or spit in his hand and rub spit down there. Totally unhygienic." —Christine, 28

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"My boyufriend and I just woke up and we were lying together spooning. He took his arm from around me and I heard him spit. Then, he reached down, wiped it on my vagina, and proceeded to fuck me. I really got shocked and annoyed. As far as I know, my vagina can produce its own lubrication." —Karla, 26

"I think there are other ways to get your woman wet. Let's just leave saliva spitting to porn stars." —Lea, 32

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