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REAL TALK: 8 Women Share How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many

'If he'd slept with more women than the years he lived, that will raise my eyebrows'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 6, 2016
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How many sex partners have you had before you declared on FB that you're happily in a relationship with your girlfriend now?

C'mon, be honest. Ten? Fifteen? One? 

We're asking because some women—at least the 27 percent of those who participated in a study conducted by sex toy company Lovejoy in 2015—believe that a man's sexual history is a good indicator of his suitability as a partner.  

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This odd little finding, though, does not give you the license to pad your numbers so you can somehow appear more attractive and lovable to women.

Because that won't most likely fly with Pinays. Check out below what eight real women, aged 20 to 35, think about these questions: "How many is too many? And do you really care about your significant other's sex numbers?"

"I think 10 is just too many. I'd worry about him if he is being honest when he says I'm the best lover he ever had."—Ena, 25

"My boyfriend admitted that he has had 13 sexual partners before me—and it doesn't bother me at all. I appreciate his honesty and I believe that the past should remain in the past. As long as he doesn't have a history of cheating and STD, then I'm okay."—Lana, 22

"If his sex number is more than 15, I think it's too much. But the real deal breaker for me is if he just sleeps with random girls in bars."—Marian, 29


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"If he'd slept with more women than the years he lived, that will raise my eyebrows. If he'd slept with twice as many women as the years he lived, that will raise some serious concerns about lifestyle differences and our compatibility."—Danica, 33

"Having had more than 12 sexual partners would bother me. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a relationship with a guy who's had so many partners because I would have trust issues. If he's been with that many women in such a short time who's to say he won't lose interest in me."—Abi, 28

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"To me it's not about the number of people, but rather the type of sex. The more casual sex, especially if it happens with strangers, the less appealing he is for a relationship."—Desiree, 30

"One. I'm from a very conservative family and I still believe that virginity should be preserved until you get married. Sex should not be done for pleasure alone. It's an act done in the name of love."—Jasmine, 27

"I think if someone has had dozens of partners it will typically mean three things: 1)All his relationships are really short which is a red flag; 2) He is the sort of person that has casual sex fairly regularly, which means he is a fuck boy; 3) He isn't the kind of guy a woman should marry."—Jane, 23

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