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REAL TALK: 5 Women Share Their Most WTF One-Night Stand Stories

You'll be shaking your head in dismay (and LOL-ing really hard) while reading these confessions
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 16, 2017
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One-night stands might sound sexy and fun, but the truth is, sex between two people who've just met could be awkward and crazy.

Those amazing casual hook-up scenes you see in movies are far from reality. And to prove our claim, we asked brave women to share their cringe-worthy one-night stand stories for maximum impact.

See if you can relate to any of them. Who knows, maybe you've been the guy in a similar situation?

"I slept with a guy I met at a bar. We took a taxi back to his place. When we arrived, he told me to be quiet or we'd wake his parents up. A heads up about him living with his parents would have been nice. He then told me that we'll be banging in his car instead and I was okay with the idea. When he finished, he quickly put on his clothes and so did I. When I was about to leave, he started freaking out because he couldn't find his car keys. He turned to me, demanded to search my bag, and accused me of stealing the keys of his dad’s Fortuner. He was not even sorry when we found it in the backseat. And when I asked him if he was sober enough to drive me home, he simply said 'Malaki ka na.'"—Mikaela, 26

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"I met a guy on Facebook and invited him to my place because I thought he was cute. So we started having sex. He was on top, but he couldn't breathe properly so we switched. After a couple of minutes of his really heavy breathing, he started choking so I asked if he was okay. He was nearly dying and he said between breathes: 'May asthma ako.' He wanted me to continue but I stopped to get him water. He went home when he recovered. He was so embarrassed that we never met again."—Cheska, 23


"I was super drunk so I agreed to go home with a friend of a friend. I woke up the next morning and went to change my tampon. I started to panic because I couldn't find it. I suddenly remembered that we had sex. I had to dig it out of my vagina and it hurt so bad. I might have gotten my period blood all over him, which is quite embarrassing now that I think about it."—Iya, 21

"I was seeing this guy casually. We already went out thrice, but it wasn't anything serious. One time, he asked me if he could take me as a date to his friend's birthday. I said yes. After the party, we checked-in at a hotel. I remembered asking him if I could borrow his charger because my phone was dead. Fast forward to the next morning. I woke up to my phone ringing. Call from "Mi". It was weird for my mom to call me so early so I picked it up and in my groggy morning voice I said: 'Bakit mi?'. The girl on the other end of the phone responded: 'Sino kang walang hiya ka?' That's when I realized that it wasn't my phone."—Ara, 28

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"I once checked into a motel somewhere in Sta. Mesa with a total stranger. He asked if he could turn on some music. I agreed, but I did not expect him to turn on some hardcore rap music. I figured I could tune out the music, that is until we started having sex and he started rapping. He was holding my face, looking me in the eyes, and rapping this song. His intense eye contact still haunts me to this day."—Lyn, 25

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