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REAL TALK: 8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Faking Her Orgasm

Girls get candid about the authenticity of sexual climax
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 6, 2016
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So you think your performance in bed is Oscar-worthy just because your partner makes sounds that seem to agree. We hate to break it to you, but some women are just great at faking it.

In fact, a study of 71 women aged 18 to 48 shows that roughly 80 percent fake orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Researchers found out that women are often quiet when they are actually receiving pleasure, and make the most erotic of noises when sex starts feeling uncomfortable or boring.

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This brings us to today's edition of Real Talk. We summoned the courage to ask eight women for the telltale signs that a woman is just pretending to reach that sexual state of ecstasy.

Below are their responses:

"You can tell she's just pretending when she's game for another round as soon as you finish. Women are usually too sensitive for more stimulation afterwards. We need to cool down after an orgasm." —Dana, 25

"A good orgasm gets her heart and pulse racing. If you come close to her and don't feel anything, she's was probably faking it the whole time." —Nica, 29

"You can watch her toes. If her toes curl, that means the orgasm is real. But of course, that can be faked as well, but people do not generally focus on faking their toes." —Grace,30


"When a woman is too loud, she's probably faking it. If she's really coming, she'll just whimper.” —Iris, 21

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"I never orgasm with my eyes open. I always keep my eyes shut so I could focus on coming." —Nina, 21


"Check her facial expressions. Most women, including myself, seem to have a strangely sexy yet odd sort of in pain expression during climax. When you're getting off, the least of your concerns is how cute you look." —Charmaine, 26

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"During a real orgasm, pupils dilate, cheeks flush, nipples harden, and the vaginal walls contract. Most of these things can’t be faked." —Eunice, 23

"If a girl can talk to you as soon as she finishes, she's probably lying about reaching her climax. In my case, when I really have an orgasm, I can barely speak. I stutter." —May, 27

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