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Really deep sleepers!

High school reunions, month-saries, office parties, double dates: how the girls prefer to hold them
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 2, 2011
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This happened two summers ago. My boyfriend, high school batchmates and our former teacher planned an outing/reunion. We slept over in the same place the night before so that when we woke up, we could already start walking. When the lights were all out and everyone was sound asleep, my boyfriend and I got a little naughty under the blanket. He rubbed my thighs, while I stroked his member. Soon enough, I was pulling down my shorts. We did it in a spooning position to be discreet. We couldn't make a single sound, knowing we could get caught any time. At one point, he felt our teacher moving, so we stopped. I put my shorts back on and we pretended to be asleep like the others.

After a few minutes, I undressed and we did it again, still in the spooning position. When it was his time to come, he immediately pulled out his dick and came all over my body, making my shirt wet. A few more minutes and it was time to get up. We didn't really know if anyone noticed but I didn’t care. Because of this experience, sex became more fun for the both of us. It was the best we’ve ever had.
Jade, by email

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