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Here's A Big Reason Why Men Should Have Lots Of Sex

This goes waaay beyond pleasure!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 29, 2015
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Still wondering if making use of your boner frequently has any health benefits? Then you'll be interested in a recent report released by Warren Matthews, a natural health researcher based in New Zealand.

The said report, titled Prostate Health... Sex, Lies and Misconceptions, tackled the issue of keeping the prostate glandone of the most important parts of the male sex organ (it helps produce semen!)healthy.

But we know most of you are not into tongue-twisting medical jargons and concepts, so we'll keep this simple. The report basically states that more sex can lead to a healthier prostate.

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Apparently, having more ejaculations sort of cleans our man canals and gets rid of stagnant prostatic fluid—a substance that can serve as a breeding ground for all sorts of microscopic nasties like viruses and bacteria. "Based on various research, it seems that the stagnation of this prostatic fluid is likely to be one of the significant contributors to prostate health issues," the report says.

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Matthews's research also tells us that males at least 40 years old should beging adopting preventive measures against diseases that attack the prostate. Don't worry bro, we totally get you: ramp up the sexy time when we hit the big four-zero! That and, of course, live a healthier lifestyle and have our prostates regularly checked.

This finding ties up nicely with this other study that says frequent ejaculation might just lower the risk of having prostate cancer.

So yeah, #alamna.

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