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5 Reasons Your Girlfriend Creates 'Bawal Lumabas With Barkada' Rules

We've also got some solutions!
| Feb 5, 2016
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She was incredible during the first few months of your relationship. Sublime. Immaculate. You had found forever.

A year later (maybe less): You feel like a Bilibid prisoner sentenced to eternal solitary confinement. Every time you ask for her permission to go out with your barkada, all you hear is "Bawal," "Hindi pwede," or "Ayaw ko."

What changed? It could be any of the following...

1) She doesn't know your friends.

You've been dating for a year now, yet she doesn't know anything about your friends beyond their names. Maybe you haven't created enough chances for her and your friends to get to know each other. Or maybe you don't want them to actually bond because you yourself aren't sure about your future with her? She senses that, and that's why she doesn't trust you and your friends.

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Solution: Take her with you from time to time, and set up something fun where the whole group can bond.

2) You never text when you're out. 

She used to let you out easy. But you abused it and went out without a care in the world, never bothering to text that you got home safe from your night-out. You've set the precedent for her expectations.

Solution: Be a decent boyfriend and be responsible when it comes to maintaining basic communication rules between two people in a relationship. If you've broken it once, make up for it the next time you're out.

3) You don't reassure her.

Even the most secure woman will act up if you give her enough reason to. Chief among which: not reassuring her enough. Don't, and you'll awaken the paranoia in her.

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Solution: Words are good, but the best way to reassure your girl is by being there emotionally and physically for her.


4) You've lied before.

Have you ever lied just to get her blessing? Remember: Once you destroy a woman's trust, she'll never believe you the same way again.

Solution: It will take some time before she'll get over your lie. Always be honest next time out, and maybe, just maybe, she'll get over it.

5) She just doesn't like your barkada.

So you've matured. She likes that. But your barkada hasn't. They're still up to no good. And she can feel it. It's not a decent thing to judge people but maybe she feels it's time to let this set of friends go. You just haven't realized that yet.

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Solution: Instead of the usual all-nighter of a drinking session, why not set up an activity that's less punishing to the liver, say, a weekend trip to a wakeboard park or a surfing session at the beach? There are other awesome things to do other than getting completely wasted every week; you just have to get your barkada to realize that.


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