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Relationships Lose Passion After A Year, Study Says

Who can attest to this based on personal experience?
| Nov 25, 2015
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A study from Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University has found that sexual satisfaction for couples is at its highest in their first year together, then fizzles out.

For the research, 3,000 participants ages 25 to 41 ranked their sex lives, and the results showed that the moment of greatest sex life satisfaction registered a year into the relationship.

Why? The study suggests that in a couple's first year together they devoted time to learn each other's needs and discover each other's bodies. After that's done, it's the arguments and disagreements that stand out, causing the loss of passion. The couples themselves admitted that the more they fought with one another, the less they had sex or made love.

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Study author Claudia Schmiedeberg also notes that contrary to previous research, she found that having children wasn't a major player in a couple's sexual satisfaction/unsatisfaction.

So what about those in happy long-term relationships? Is it safe to say this study applies to them?

Not really. According to sociologist Julia Heinman, who has also done her study on sexual behavior in long-term couples, couples claimed to be happier and to enjoy a better sex life the longer they're together. She even found that the longer women have been with their partner the more they enjoyed sex, and the men have come to prioritize their partner's sexual satisfaction.

The results of those two studies contradict each other. Maybe your sex life can attest to either of those. But through them we can also see how complex our desires and libido are, and how they relate to our relationships or partners. Because hey, even couples in happy long-term relationships have their fights and disagreements, and must have had several of those when they were starting out. If you've been with your guy for years and you can say your sex life is still peaking, tell us your secret!

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