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Pinoys Are Racists?! Here Are 10 Foreign Babes Who Want To Vouch For Us!

So Pinoys have been named as one of the most racially intolerant people in the world. Here's FHM's proof that we're not! 
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 1, 2014
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Want to hear something shocking? It turns out the Philippines is one of the most racially intolerant countries in the world. No, seriously!

According to a study conducted by Swedish economists to examine the effects of economic freedom on racism, people from the Philippines—a nation known for its mix of ethnicity and cultural influences—were shown to be less tolerant of other races compared to other countries.


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The data also suggests that India and Jordan are the least racially intolerant countries, while Anglo and Latin countries are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

So how'd we end up on the negative side? When the Swedish researchers asked respondents from more than 80 countries about the kind of people they would not want to have as neighbors, the Philippines belongs in the list of countries that replied with "people of a different race." Bummer!

This is a very disturbing revelation, but if it makes you feel any better, we think Pinoys have actually been nothing but friendly to foreigners. In fact, we have 10 foreign babes who are more than willing to vouch for us. Scroll down to see what Australian, Iranian, and Canadian hotties think about our country!

Christine Hallauer, Australia

"I'm absolutely loving my time here in the Philippines. I wish I could stay here longer. For one, the people are friendly and helpful. I also find the guys here super nice." 

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Lara Simpson, Iran

"I love the Philippines. It’s better than Dubai and Malaysia. I went on vacation and saw Boracay, Cebu, everything. I'm actually here to study pharmacy—it's easier and cheaper here than in my country."


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Nupur Singh, India

"I'm very much into guys who are sincere. And you know what, I find Filipino men super talented, so you never know...I might just date one." 


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