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6 Ridiculous Things All Couples Fight About In The Mall

Our hearts thump in fear the moment she asks: 'Where will we eat?'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 17, 2016
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Ah yes, the mall date. It's a staple for Filipino couples. If you've ever been in relationship, there's no way you've never been on a Mall Date.

And if you've ever been in a relationship that has lasted more than six months, there's no way you haven't been in a Mall Date Fight. It's SOP for Filipino couples.

What are these fights? We've enumerated them below.

1) The "Where Are We Eating?" Fight

Boyfriend: "Saan mo gusto kumain?"

Girlfriend: "Bahala ka na."

Boyfriend: "Shakey's?"

Girlfriend: "Ayaw ko roon."

Boyfriend: "Vikings?"

Girlfriend: "Ayaw!"

You'll offer another five choices but she won't like any of those, and eventually she'll make the decision herself. Then she'll argue with you for not having any ideas at all. At this point, just stop speaking, and try to enjoy your salad.

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Solution: Check out the website of the mall you're going to visit so you know the many choices available to you.  Inform her and come up with a choice beforehand. That way she can't tell you that you didn't prepare.

2) The "What Do You Want To Eat?" Fight

Just a while ago she was telling you all about the things she wants to gobble down. But now that you've arrived in the resto, all these cravings have magically disappeared. And it's completely your fault. Don't ask us why. We're just as clueless as you.

Solution: If it's your first time in that particular joint, get the server's help. Ask them what their best-seller is. Tell your girlfriend, "Look, this is the best they've got to offer. We can't go wrong with that." Reconsider when: The waiter suggests the shrimp and prawn deluxe, and your girlfriend has a deadly allergy to the darned sea critters.

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3)  The "Who's Gonna Order?" Fight

Boyfriend: "Baby ikaw na um-order."

Girlfriend: "Bakit ako? Ikaw na!"

Boyfriend: "Ikaw na nga."

Solution: Man up, and order for the two of you. It's the gentleman's way.

4) The "What Are We Gonna Watch?" Fight

You want to watch Deadpool; she wants to see that Jennylyn Mercado movie. Discuss. Argue. Fight, fight, fight. 

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Solution: Establish a cycle. She picks on this date, and you do the choosing the next time around. It's called compromising. 

5) The "Do I Look Good In This?" Fight

"Okay naman 'yan," you tell your girlfriend after she asks you how she looks in the dress. Then she rolls her eyes, leaves the item, and tells you furiously: "Hindi ko na nga bibilhin!"

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What went wrong?

Solution: She doesn't like to hear, "Okay lang." It’s like telling her: "Hindi maganda. Hindi rin pangit. Sakto lang." Give a detailed comment. If she looks ugly, tell her frankly.

6) The "How Are We Getting Home?" Fight

You're now both tired, and the only thing you want is to go home. Unfortunately, you don't have a car. Your high-maintenance girlfriend doesn't want to commute. The line for taxis is long. It's peak hours and GrabTaxi and Uber drivers don't want to accept your booking. She's starting to make that face again...

Solution: You have two options:

A) Ask mom to buy you a car.

B) Break up with her because if she can't love car-less you, she doesn't deserve the future you who rolls in a Beemer.


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