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Roommates feel each other

where first-timers, bisexuals and the casual tease converge!

| Aug 27, 2009
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It had been a year since I had my first girl-to-girl experience when my bisexual nature was reawakened. I thought my previous experience would be the last until I started bed-spacing in an exclusive dormitory for girls in Makati, where one of my roommates instantly caught my eye. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous but she’s attractive, with more than average-size boobs, topped with a sexy body and sex appeal that refueled my lust for the same sex. In addition to that, I noticed that when she sleeps, she’d always be clad in panties and a tank top without bra. I couldn’t help but imagine how her protruding nipples look like beneath and I ached to feel, lick and taste her pussy. One night, she invited me to drink in our room. In between drinks, she revealed that she had a three-year relationship with a lesbian. I also told her that I’d already had a same-sex experience and enjoyed it. After downing a bottle of brandy, I was feeling light-headed so I asked if I could just rest my head on her pillow. I was half-asleep when I felt hands removing my pants.

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