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5 Rules When Hanging Out With Your Girl Pals (For The Man With A Disapproving GF)

Your go-to guide for avoiding the drama
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 18, 2016
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It's not uncommon that your girlfriend and your girl friends don't see eye to eye.

One of the biggest challenges of having a group of girl friends while in a relationship is managing the time you spend with them without making the love of your life jealous. You have to understand, though, that it's completely normal for women to show some level of insecurity when the attention of her partner is divided. 

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So what measures can you take to assure her that they are JUST friends and that there's nothing she needs to worry about when you hang out with them?

Rule #1: Don't keep secrets from her

Men have the habit of keeping secrets from their partners to avoid drama and a sermon. Hiding pertinent details from your SO can hamper a relationship's growth. Deceit can be a deal breaker, and withholding information regardless of your reasons can make her feel betrayed. So always seek for the approval of your other half. If she gives you her blessing, make sure not to destroy her trust. 

Rule #2: Invite her 

She needs to know more than the girls' names. Give them a chance to get to know each other and actually bond. Who knows? They might just end up BFFs. Then you're in deep trouble. 

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Rule #3: Don't forget to text her

...or give her a call. She just wants a status report, which shouldn't be so difficult to agree to. A little lambing can go a long way.


Rule #4: No sweet photos

Sure she's expecting to see your photos with the girls on Facebook, and the thought of that alone could possibly leave her feeling FOMO. So stay away from ultra-clingy poses, like leaning on each other's shoulders...unless you want to your GF to gouge out your eyes the next day. It may not mean anything to you and your friends, but it's entirely different from her point of view. 

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Rule #5: Buy her a pasalubong

You don't have to buy something expensive. You just need to make her feel that you didn't forget about her while you're with your girl friends. The classic flowers and chocolates will do. Spend a little and revitalize her confidence in you. You'll see, next time, hanging with your girl friends won't be such a big deal. 

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