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Salad Days

Regardless of the weather, sweltering stories like these are always welcome
by Ronjay Eduvas | Apr 27, 2012
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The night before our fifth day of being together, my boyfriend and I were sexting (sex texting). While at it, we agreed that he would take a half day off and fetch me from the place where I was doing my internship. As soon as he arrived, we took a taxi to the nearest motel.

Once there I went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. I got out of the shower with only a towel on and sat beside him on the sofa. We started making out; he got really excited that he pulled my towel down. When he saw my breasts, he started caressing and licking them. We stood up and walked toward the bed, still kissing. I knelt, unzipped his pants, and gave him head. Things were getting hotter so he pulled me up then pushed me toward the bed, eating my pussy to return the favor. As I was moaning, he got on top of me. I whispered in his ear to do me doggie-style. He agreed. After that, I got on top of him as we both moaned while I was riding him fast. We both screamed that we were coming and he exploded his wad on my belly.

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We continued our romp like there was no tomorrow that the next day, it was kind of hard for me to walk. Oh, and I forgot to mention that on our 14th day of being together, we got married secretly.

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