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Science Explains Why You Fall For Your Colleague

Because it's not hard to develop feelings for someone you work with almost every day
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 31, 2016
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So you have a new colleague. You think she's pretty and sweet, and before you know it, you already have an emotional attachment to her, or worse, you are head over heels for her even if it is against office rules. Why does that happen?

A study conducted by researchers from Hamilton College in New York City asserts that it boils down to one reason: the amount of time you spend with your colleague.

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The researchers came up with the verdict after asking 22 singles to rank the attractiveness of 112 faces, with nine being the highest. They were shown the same photos a few times but in different order. The second time around, the participants gave a higher score to the images they've already seen. The attraction was even stronger on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth.

The brains of the subjects were also scanned for electrical activity and the pattern was backed up—the more frequent they saw a particular face, the more brain wave activity associated with excitement took place.

"Much to their surprise, people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction. Cupid's arrow is often slow to strike. An important part of the phenomenon may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition," explains psychologist Dr. Ravi Thiruchselvam in an interview with the Daily Mail UK.

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So if you want an officemate to like you, visiting her more often might just work.


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