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Science Reveals How To Get Over First Date Jitters

Science has got your back, bro!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 18, 2016
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Even if you feel confident as hell when it comes to the ladies, the struggle of first date nerves can still be all too real.

Have no fear, gents! A researcher from the University of Cambridge has some science-backed tips for beating the first date jitters.

According to the study, worrying about what might go wrong on that much-awaited date causes shortness of breath, uncontrollable butterflies in the stomach, and panic attacks.

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Researcher Olivia Remes explains that when you feel fear, your body undergoes a series of psychological changes that bring about these unwelcome physical symptoms as stress hormones are secreted.

“The solution to this date-destroying sequence is to focus on your breathing and to let your negative thoughts go rather than to dwell on them,” says Ramas.


The study also states that the best remedy for the first date phobia is to just go on more dates and gain more experience. Just like the fear of spiders or snakes, constant exposure reduces the fear response, so your succeeding first dates won’t be as nerve-wracking.

“The inevitable post-date analysis also needs to stop,” adds Remes. "Your tendency to replay and worry over the date, increases your anxiety. So avoid over-analyzing from now on," Remes suggests.

And the final piece of advice: focus on the other person.

“You often get so caught up in your own shortcomings that you fail to see the person in front of you. This is a real turn-off on a date, but it also may mean that you miss clear signs that your date isn’t your perfect partner after all. So instead of debating whether you’ve got something stuck in your teeth, keep your eyes on her,” Ramas says.

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Well, that of course, you already knew. 

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