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6 Physical Features Men Can't Resist According To Science

And the reasons go beyond "men being men."
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 26, 2015
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Sometimes we just can't help but stare when a gorgeous girl passes by in front of us. While this act is usually credited to our manyakol tendencies, the real reason why we do so could be much, much deeper (and surprising) than what you may be thinking.

A video created by Business Insider based on scientific research reveals that men usually check out women because we're performing a "reproductive fitness assessment." Long story short, guys are looking for the features associated with good health and fertility.

And what are these physical features we're talking about? Here they are:


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Studies say men are more attracted to women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10. This figure usually means having a smaller waistline, a bigger butt, and wider hipsa combination that's usually seen as a big positive in terms of delivering a baby. We guess this is one of the reasons why Kim K.'s bod is always trending.


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Men reportedly go gaga over women with high-pitched voices because it indicates a small, feminine body and youthfulness. This probably explains why many guys adore ladies who can hit the high notes.


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A nice set of locks plays a big part in female attractiveness as it connotes health and fertility according to scientists. Plus points for being able to wave it like a beauty queen.


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Science says guys like women who smile, and the whiter her set of teeth is, the better. What's more interesting though is that the opposite sex prefers men who keep a straight face. Hey, Timmy D! Paturo!


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According to research, men prefer gals who use up to 40-percent less cosmetics. Well, who likes girls who look like clowns anyway? Natural look FTW!


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The color red has always been associated with lust and sex. Scientists say it’s because it increases physical attraction between members of the opposite sex. In fact, they found out that this is true for some animals as well. Now we know why we always have the hots for women who can rock a red lipstick like a pro.

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