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How Texting Is Harming Your Relationship

Researchers have found out why an over-reliance on this method of communication is not healthy for couples
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 17, 2016
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In today's technologically driven world, a lot of couples are resorting to texting instead of communicating face-to-face. Indeed, it helps both parties to stay updated from time to time, but a relationship cannot survive solely on it.

A study conducted by student researchers at Leeds Met University in the U.K. wanted to prove that virtual communication helps improve relationships. But their findings ultimately showed otherwise.

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"I wanted to show that affectionate texts bridge that gap—but it showed the opposite," said Anna Batho, one of the researchers. "I think what's so surprising is that it goes against logic. You'd think that texting someone lovely things would improve your relationship—but it doesn't work like that."

After surveying 537 participants—mostly women in their 30s—in the two-year study, Batho found out that texting is largely ineffective in keeping the love intact because it lacks smiles, gestures, physical touch, and other essentials for human bonding that only face-to-face contact can provide.


In addition, they found out that successful relationships are based on two things: a) how affectionate you are generally and b) the amount of time spent with each other.

"No amount of texting or 'remote presence' can compensate for a lack of either of these factors," the researcher says. Her suggestion: "In order to maintain or improve a relationship what appears to matter is that couples who spend time together, and who are affectionate when they are together, are more satisfied within their relationship."

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Now drop that smartphone and have some quality time with your girlfriend if you want your relationship to last.


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